On cusp of ‘08 football season


by Scott Boyle

Unbelievably, the 2008 Utah high school football season opens this Friday night.  Interest and enthusiasm is high in both Blanding and Monticello, as the Broncos open at Kanab while the Buckaroos launch the season at Parowan. 

Bronco Coach Monty Lee, beginning his sixth year as head coach of the Blue and Gold, has compiled a 42-15 record including a state title in 2006. 

The Black and Orange will have JC Hall at the helm for his fourth season.  The Bucks under Hall are 15-15.  Both teams have plenty of experience returning for what promises to be an exciting fall. 

So how do Bronco and Buckaroo football fans feel?  Read on as six random fans from their respective high schools comment on the Burning Questions for 2008.

Why are San Juan’s colors blue and gold or Monticello’s black and orange?

Gena Nielson (San Juan) - Because blue and gold are the best colors around! 

Bob Peterson (SJ) - no idea.

Mike Bowers (SJ) - Orange and black were already taken. 

Richard Coppin (Monticello) - Not a clue!

Nathan Chamberlain (MHS) - Monticello people like to celebrate Halloween on a daily basis.

Laurie Randall (MHS) - No idea.  I’ve wondered that since I moved here 24 years ago. 

An unidentified Bronco fan was heard to say that blue and gold were chosen because “thar’s gold in them thar Blue Mountains.”

Which color do you prefer, blue or gold?

Nielson - Blue, it’s tougher than gold. 

Peterson - Blue, it’s my favorite color. 

Bowers - Blue, because we really wear yellow not gold and blue is more powerful

Which color do you prefer, black or orange?

Coppin - Black.  Black jerseys are easier to clean than orange jerseys. 

Chamberlain - neither, but if I have to pick, black, because orange makes my body-type look like a pumpkin. 

Randall - Black, because our team looks sharp in all black.

This Friday will you be watching the Olympics on TV or in Kanab/Parowan?

Nielson - Kanab. 

Peterson - SLC at my wife’s grandmother’s 90th birthday. 

Bowers - Olympics, but home organizing the Triple Crown Invitational Fat Pitch Tournament (more on this later). 

Coppin - Parowan. 

Chamberlain - After golfing, I’ll be watching the Olympics. 

Randall - Parowan.

At football games, are you a sitter or a stander?

Nielson - sitter in the bleachers but stander to cheer. 

Peterson - stander near the southeast corner of the south endzone. 

Bowers - stander in the endzone and wait for ‘em to come my way. 

Coppin - stander with the chain gang. 

Chamberlain - sitter in the bleachers. 

Randall - inbetweener, sitter to talk, stander to see. 

Who will be the key player(s) this year?

Nielson - There isn’t such a thing, everyone does a job.  The Broncos have a lot of talented players this year. 

Peterson - the offensive line and the linebackers. 

Bowers - Kyle Johnson and Kohler Black.  I’m anxious to see Kyle at QB and Kohler everywhere. 

Coppin - Daniel Torres at QB.  He is an all-around good athlete and influence.

Chamberlain - obviously the QB, Daniel Torres, is important. 

Randall - Daniel, Chase Randall, and Connor Frost.

What do you predict will be the wildest play this year? 

Nielson - kickoff returns, we talked about them in Sunday school. 

Peterson - a statue of liberty play that goes to a hook and ladder play. 

Bowers - a fumblerooski with a San Juan lineman. 

Coppin - a 90 yard touchdown run by the QB. 

Chamberlain - We will kick off, the opposing team will run the kickoff all the way back to the three yard line, fumble, and some little Buckaroo guy will pick it up and run it back for a Buckaroo TD. 

Randall - Chase Randall will return a kickoff 100 yards for a touchdown, whereupon his dad will pay him significant money. 

See you at the game.

Triple Crown

A fund raiser, an annual Triple Crown Invitational Fat Pitch Tournament, which is a softball tournament with a big mush ball is being organized by Mike Bowers for the families of Eric Johnson, Kim Acton, and Brian Bayles. 

The tournament is to celebrate the lives of the three men who sorrowfully lost their lives two weeks ago.  All proceeds, including concessions by the football team will annually go to the families to help with school clothes.  

The tournament will be held Saturday morning at the ball park, beginning at 9 a.m.   Donations will be accepted at the gate.   Included in the activity will be a Triple Crown t-shirt bearing crowns with the names of Eric, Kim and Brian. 


Lindsey Anderson’s Olympic odyssey reached its zenith last Friday when she competed in the historic first-ever Olympic women’s 3000 meter steeple chase. 

Even though she ran her second fastest time ever, 9:36, Lindsey disappointingly failed to qualify for Sunday night’s final.  However, her Olympic journey was a marvel to behold. 

Join us next week for the final installment of the Lindsey Chronicles.

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