Cory Raisor

Hello, my name is Cory Raisor, I am running for Blanding City Council. I would love your vote and to serve the people of Blanding in this capacity.
As most people in Blanding, I hope Bears Ears is shrunken to near nothing (or best case rescinded) but regardless Blanding is now on the map.
As a result, we will see more tourism. I hope to help lead Blanding into these waters and come out of the rapids a better place, and just as wonderful a people. I love this country, state and county.
I got that love in an unexpected way. I met a 92-year-old disable veteran in Illinois who had nearly no possessions. Almost everything he did own, was a reminder of his service in World War II.
I asked him about his service, a question that changed my life forever and instilled a level of patriotism in me so deep that three years later it still burns brightly.
He told me how he had lived through D-day in Africa, then D-day in Italy and finally D-day at Normandy; tears filled our eyes.
His filled by remembering his service and the friends he lost, mine, because I finally knew what it meant to serve.
From that moment on I have desired to serve Blanding in a greater capacity. City council is the vehicle I have chosen to do so. I hope you will choose me too. Together, we will keep improving Blanding.

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