Concrete begins to flow on City highways

by Buckley Jensen

After a summer of orange barrels, deep trenches, mountains of dirt, a financial bonanza for car wash owners and the development of the virtue of patience by area residents, the end may be in sight for the rebuilding of Highways 191 and 491 through Monticello.

With thousands of feet of new curb and gutter complete, power lines moved and extensive drainage work finished, workers for Granite Construction started the paving phase of the $10 million rebuilding of the highways.

On September 16, the first truckloads of concrete were put in place on the west side of U. S. 191 a block north of the traffic light. Workers in matching orange and yellow outfits assisted in placing concrete nine inches deep.

A fully loaded concrete truck carries enough of the grey goo to build five feet of highway. Look for lots of concrete trucks to join the construction chaos in coming days. Three city blocks, going a block in each direction from the intersection of Highways 191 and 491, will be surfaced with concrete. The rest of the project includes eight inches of asphalt.

As you wash your car or sit in a line of traffic, try to refrain from thinking unkind thoughts toward innocent flag persons, contractors and UDOT. Instead, think of the magnificent new highways this $10 million expenditure is creating.

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