comments from BearsEarsSupporter:

It was disturbing to see your photograph, showing that Secretary Zinke was accompanied by Phil Lyman on his tour of the House on Fire ruin, in the Bears Ears National Monument.

In 2016, Phil Lyman served time in jail and was fined, for trespassing and conspiracy, for organizing an illegal ATV protest. Over 50 riders rode through native American ruins, on a closed trail that had been illegally built by Blanding locals.

Phil Lyman, the convicted environmental criminal and vandal, should never have had an audience with Zinke. It does not look at all like a legitimate "fact-finding tour", when the rich white criminal gets a hearing with Zinke, while Utah Dine Bikeyah, and the Boulder Chamber of Commerce get the stiff arm from Zinke. It sure looks like the fix is in.

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