Chief Posey: Epilogue

“The White settlers could not understand why he refused to take $15 plus rations promised to Indians who would agree to go to Colorado to the reservation. Through his persistence and determination, he was instrumental in helping to win for his people their sacred homeland.” – Tonya Morris – Posey’s great-great granddaughter.

Epilogue: Although this larger than life character died 20 years before this writer was born, I have been immersed in his legend all my life as a resident of San Juan County.

I am sad to say, that I got only the Anglo version up until recently. My research indicates that much of it seems to be hearsay and exaggeration.

My view of Chief Posey is now of a man who loved his family, his nation and his birthright. His core values are not unlike those of many of my heros like Washington, Lincoln and Churchhill. He was willing to fight and die for what he believed in.

Where the actual truth lies is a matter of personal conjecture. However, I have come away from this project with a healthy respect for this Indian leader who gave his life that future generations would be able to retain their ancestral lands, maintain their rich culture and eventually assimilate into the larger society of the state of Utah.

The influence of the Ute Tribe has been great in this state which was named after them. Someday they will blend into the larger culture of United States of America, which has been and will be enriched by their history and culture for generations to come.

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