CEU-SJC finishes fall semester in flurry of activities

CEU-San Juan Campus students, instructors, and staff members are closing out fall semester with a flurry of activities.

Students are finishing the semester with finals, class projects, and, for some, certification in trucking and heavy equipment training.

Faculty members are grading papers and finalizing spring semester classes and projects before the Christmas break.

Students from the human physiology class put their final projects on display December 2 at the Health Science Library Building for faculty, staff, and community members to view.

Displays focused on human physiology topics that included diabetes, red blood cell production, and a host of related subjects.

CEU-SJC instructor Carla Endres lauded the students for their “hard work and commitment.”

Fifteen students from the trucking and heavy equipment program were honored during an informal “graduation” ceremony.

Some graduates have completed course work and hands-on training for certification in heavy equipment operation. Others earned their commercial driver’s license, and some received both their CDL and heavy equipment certification.

Instructor Justin Bergeman said the class is the largest ever and the interest in spring semester classes looks equally promising.

Bergeman says that some of the graduates have already landed jobs.

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