Care packages part of out-reach effort to soldiers

San Juan County is marking Veterans Day with efforts to extend support to the 118th Sapper Company of the Utah National Guard. Approximately 30 local residents are members of the group. They began a one-year deployment to Afghanistan on July 6.
Area residents are expressing gratitude for the sacrifice of the 118th Sapper Company and their families by contributing to care packages that will be sent to deployed military personnel for the Christmas season.
Donations, which are being collected by the local family assistance center, need to be received by November 15. Donations can be dropped off at the San Juan Record in Monticello, Clarks Market in Blanding, or the National Guard armory in Blanding
For security purposes, the mailing address for members of the 118th Sapper Company is not released to the general public, but can be obtained from family members.
Suggested items to be included in the care packages are:
Adopt-A-Package Postage Donation (sponsor a Soldier’s package for $12.50 or donate postage stamps $1 or larger or by check payable to Family Readiness Group, 10 W. Freedom Way 105-5, Blanding, UT 84511
Drink mixes (Gatorade, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light, Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Herbal Tea—single serving sizes best)
Individual Size Snacks (jerky, sunflower seeds, nuts, protein or energy bars, chips, pretzels, cereal bars, cookies, crackers, candy, gum, microwave popcorn, etc.)
Instant meals (Ramen, Cup o’ Soup, Easy Mac, Chef Boy-R-Dee, oatmeal, chili, soups, etc.)
Hygiene Items (travel or full size toothpaste, shampoo, body wash & lotion for men, razors, lip balm, baby wipes, travel sized tissues, talcum powder, etc.)
Games/Recreation- (yo-yos, playing cards, dice, hacky sack, Uno, Nerf footballs, frisbees, Nerf dart guns, foam basketball/hoop sets, AA or AAA batteries, iTunes or MP3 gift cards, headphones, etc.)
Homemade cards, drawings & letters (can be for a particular Soldier), stickers or pictures to decorate shipping box, small or miniature holiday decorations
The following items cannot be accepted:
• any pork products or items in an aerosol can
• any partial/full nudity, swimwear or lingerie pictures
• perishable foods
• items for a particular Soldier (except cards, letters)-we want each Soldier to receive a similar package
Contact Holly at 678-2008 or 979-0546 if you have additional questions.
In addition to this effort, a group of local family members of deployed area residents recently completed “Operation Soccer Ball”, which sent shoes, soccer balls, backpacks, clothing, toys, books, coats and more for children in Afghanistan.
The 118th Sapper Company will pass these donations out to the children who need them most.
Drop off care package donations to:
• Utah National Guard Aromory
• Clark's Market, Blanding
• San Juan Record, Monticello

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