Broncos suffer semifinal loss

by Scott Boyle

Suddenly, it’s time for basketball, wrestling, and hockey in San Juan County. 

The San Juan Broncos dream football season ended cheerlessly on November 8 in Cedar City when the Broncos were upset by the Manti Templars, 26-13 in a hard-fought 2A semifinal game. 

The Templars used a solid defense and a consistent offense to top the previously unbeaten Broncos.  Turnovers and penalties slowed the Broncos, and the Templars used an effective running game with a bevy of running backs to dominate the time of possession and keep the ball away from the potent Bronco offense. 

Then, when Coach Monty Lee’s boys mustered their forces to stop the run, the Templars turned to the pass with deadly efficiency and extended their time of possession.  This kept the ball from the Broncos, who managed only three possessions in the second half. 

For the game, the Bronco offense managed a 31-yard TD pass from Kyle Johnson to Terron Jack and a four yard Jace Holliday touchdown run. 

The loss was the Broncos’ lowest scoring game in nearly two seasons, preventing the Boys from Blanding from playing in their tenth state championship game in the past 23 years. 

Three cheers for the Bronco and Buckaroo football teams, the girls volleyball teams and the boys and girls cross country teams that made our fall eventful, memorable, and enjoyable.

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Despite the disappointing loss, San Juan kept their state leading 113 game scoring streak alive.  Small consolation, however.   The loss also knocked the Broncos out of a dream matchup – in my mind at least – between the undefeated Broncos and the similarly undefeated Juab Wasps, coached by former San Juan player and Buckaroo head coach, Mike Bowring. 

Alas, it was sorrowfully not to be as the Mike Bowring-led Wasps were also upset in their semifinal game by the North Summit Braves, ending their undefeated season as well. 

The Wasps moved the ball at will against the Braves, scoring on long sustained drives, but North Summit used big plays and turnovers to extend their season and avenge an earlier loss to the Wasps, 35-28.  Small consolation for the Wasps is that they defeated both teams headed into the 2A final next Saturday.

Sometimes there is no justice in the football world – in my mind at least.  Why else would the Utes luck out and beat TCU and the Cougars lose to TCU?  Explain that, if you can! (Editor’s note: Explain this to him in private. I do not have the space available to print all your letters.)

The round balls are beginning to bounce in San Juan County.  Watch for previews over the next few weeks.

Speaking of wrestling, pro wrestling and most boys my age were distressed by the recent passing of the accomplished nasty pro-wrestling villain, Killer Kowalski. 

Kowalski was the consummate bad guy in wrestling, known for his signature hold, the infamous stomach claw hold. He occupied much of my young boy wrestling games.

Kowalski was also famous for his strict lifestyle – he never smoked or drank and was a dedicated vegetarian.   I also remember another Kowalski wrestling bad guy, “Krusher” Kowalski.  Krusher’s signature move was gouging opponents’ eyes out with some foreign object.  Krusher used to be “Crusher”, but when he lost a grudge match over the name Crusher to Crusher Lisowski, he was forced to change the spelling to a K. 

And then there is the famous, Nick Kowalski.  Ask me about him sometime… just thought you might like to know.

Reid Sifford, the popular former educational aide at Monticello Elementary School, left Monticello in August to pursue his dream, playing professional hockey. 

Sifford recently tried out for and made the Evansville Iceman hockey team in Evansville, IN.  He survived a four day tryout ordeal to make the cut of 20 players out of 40. 

The team will be trimmed to 16 within a week, but Sifford will most likely survive.  He plays goalie and is one of only two goalies on the team. 

The Icemen won their first exhibition game this week 26-0 over a college team.  26-0?  Hockey?  Sifford honed his skills the last few winters in Durango, playing in the area adult hockey league along with his brother, Rhett Sifford, general manager at KAAJ-LP FM in Monticello.

Rhett is apparently some sort of hockey scoring phenom. Check out

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