Top candidates emerge after August 15 primary election

Voters helped pare the list of candidates for the November 7 General election at a primary election on August 15.
Republicans participated in an election to select a candidate in the race to replace Congressman Jason Chaffetz, while Blanding residents selected the candidates on the ballot for three open seats on the Blanding City Council.
Votes for the Blanding City Council candidates for two four-year terms include: Robert Turk – 310, Robert Ogle – 262, Cheryl Bowers – 248, Taylor Harrison – 231, and Logan Monson – 206. The top four advance.
The race for the Blanding City Council, for a single two-year term, includes Logan Shumway – 360, Cory Raisor – 169, and Wendy Black – 138. The top two advance.
In the Republican primary race to replace Chaffetz in the US House of Representatives, San Juan County Republicans favor Chris Herrod with 737 votes, leading challengers Tanner Ainge (237), and John Curtis (220).
When votes from throughout the district were counted, Curtis claimed the Republican spot on the general election ballot.
Curtis will face Democrat challenger Kathie Allen, and Jim Bennett, of the newly created United Utah Party.
In addition to the above races, voters in area communities will face additional issues, including the possibility of incorporation in Bluff, and mayoral and city council races in Monticello and Blanding.
Nearly 1,100 ballots were counted on election night, and the results of an additional 150 votes were added on Friday, August 18.
The additional votes included ballots of citizens who voted on election day and the ballots that arrived on election day or later.
Ballots were sent to eligible voters by mail. Election day voting was available at four locations.
Election officials report that there were few voters at three polling stations in the southern portion of the county and a handful at the office of the county clerk in Monticello.
San Juan County is currently facing several legal challenges regarding voting rights. The lawsuits, in federal court, challenge the voting districts for commissioners and school board members and the vote by mail system used by the county.

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