Andrea Jeppesen named Blanding City Outstanding Citizen of the Year by City Council

submitted by Blanding Mayor Logan Monson
Blanding City proudly announces Andrea Jeppesen as the recipient of the 2023 Outstanding Citizen of the Year award. This honor recognizes Andrea’s unwavering dedication and selfless commitment to the betterment of her community.
Throughout her life, Andrea has demonstrated an unwavering passion for serving others. Her contributions have made a lasting impact on the community, fostering unity and compassion.
From her extensive volunteer work in the local elementary school to her active involvement in various community organizations, Andrea’s efforts have been nothing short of extraordinary.
Andrea’s dedication to the elementary school is truly remarkable. She has dedicated countless volunteer hours, creating a noticeable difference in fostering community involvement within the educational system.
As an active member of the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), Andrea’s support has created a positive environment that greatly enhances the student experience and provides invaluable support to teachers.
In addition to her contributions to education, Andrea has consistently served others in her church ward and neighborhood. Her selflessness and kindness shine through her actions, making her a pillar of support and compassion within the community. As a mother, she goes above and beyond to support her children in their various pursuits, nurturing their growth and development.
Andrea is a remarkable individual. She has resided in Blanding for the past 11 years, and continues to leave an indelible mark on her community through her various passions and commitments.
Married to the esteemed Dr. Kelly Jeppesen and blessed with five children, Andrea epitomizes the essence of a loving and devoted family woman. Beyond her role as a mother and wife, she is a fervent advocate for high-adventure outdoor activities, health and wellness, music, literature, and community service.
Adventure and outdoor pursuits have always held a special place in Andrea’s heart.
From obstacle races that test her physical and mental endurance to the adrenaline-fueled thrill of motorcycle riding and skydiving, she fearlessly embraces the challenges that come her way.
Through these activities, she not only finds personal fulfillment but also shares her love for adventure with her family, creating unforgettable experiences and lasting memories.
Alongside her passion for outdoor activities, Andrea is deeply committed to health and wellness. She recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and strives to inspire others to do the same. Whether it’s through her own fitness routines, dietary choices, or active involvement in community health initiatives, Andrea consistently embodies her dedication to overall well-being.
In addition to her pursuits in adventure and wellness, Andrea is a highly accomplished musician. Her talent and passion for music are evident in her involvement with the community, where she readily offers her assistance as a musical accompanist to anyone in need.
Furthermore, she has nurtured a love of music in her children, instilling in them the joy and beauty of this art form. Through her contributions to the local music scene, Andrea continues to inspire others to explore their musical talents and appreciate the power of melody.
Beyond her adventurous spirit and musical prowess, Andrea is an avid reader who appreciates the transformative power of literature. Her love for books fuels her intellectual curiosity and enriches her perspective on life.
With each page turned, she expands her understanding of the world and cultivates a deeper connection to the written word.
Moreover, Andrea possesses a natural talent for gathering people together and organizing memorable events.
Known as the ultimate party planner, she excels at arranging gatherings, parties, and celebrations that leave lasting impressions on attendees.
Her expertise in interior and landscaping design adds a unique touch to these events, creating beautiful and inviting spaces that enhance the overall ambiance.
Through her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to creating joyous moments, Andrea has become a valued asset within her community’s social fabric.
What truly sets Andrea apart, however, is her genuine thoughtfulness and unwavering kindness towards everyone she encounters.
Her warm and welcoming demeanor extends not only to friends and acquaintances but also to her own family. She consistently exemplifies respect, kindness, and intentionality in her interactions, demonstrating steadfast commitment to serving others and offering support.
Whether it’s lending a helping hand or providing a listening ear, Andrea’s genuine care and concern for those around her create a positive and uplifting environment for all.
In addition to her personal endeavors, Andrea has dedicated three years of her life to volunteering at the family history center.
Through her selfless service, she has assisted countless individuals in discovering and preserving their ancestral heritage, solidifying her position as a pillar of support within the community.
Andrea Jeppesen is a woman of many talents and passions, each contributing to her role as a devoted wife, mother, and community member.
From her love of adventure and dedication to health and wellness, to her musical abilities, party planning expertise, and unwavering kindness, she exemplifies the essence of a well-rounded individual. Andrea’s contributions to her community have left an indelible impact. 
Even in the face of the challenges posed by her husband’s demanding career, Andrea handles the additional pressure with grace and a positive outlook. Her unwavering support and understanding demonstrate her commitment to family values and her role as an exemplary partner.
When asked about her nomination and impending recognition, Andrea modestly protests, believing that she is merely fulfilling her duty. However, it is her selflessness, humility, and unwavering commitment to making a difference that truly sets her apart. She serves as an inspiration to others, embodying the spirit of volunteering, support, and kindness.
“Andrea is the behind the scenes kind of person who consistently, and constantly works to make our community shine in the very best ways,” said Mayor Logan Monson. “Her tireless dedication and genuine care for others make her the epitome of an outstanding citizen. Blanding City is privileged to honor Andrea with this well-deserved award.”
The Outstanding Citizen of the Year award is a testament to Andrea Jeppesen’s exemplary character and unwavering commitment to serving her community. Her selflessness and kindness have left an enduring impact, setting an example for others to follow.
Blanding City congratulates Andrea on this remarkable achievement and expresses its deepest gratitude for her immeasurable contributions.

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