Beware: bears trash trailers

It happens every year. Campers and hunters leave their trailers on the mountain. Maybe they want to reserve a campsite for an up-coming holiday weekend or hunting season opener. Sometimes, they just have a favorite spot they enjoy returning to again and again. Most of the time, these folks return and find things exactly the way they left them.

Unfortunately, in a few instances, they return to hurricane-like mayhem. Bears gain access through a cracked window, door, or floor, and turn everything upside down. Contents have been rummaged through, bitten up, and tossed around. The trailer may be demolished.

The best remedy for this type of vandalism is prevention. It’s not convenient, and you can’t reserve your favorite camping spot, but pulling your trailer home makes sense.

Besides safeguarding your property and peace of mind, you are also protecting our wildlife heritage. Because of liability issues, bears that destroy property must often be destroyed themselves.

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