Antique Truck Show shows a Fruehauf Schonrock cable dump trailer

This photo taken at the Salina Antique Truck Show shows a Fruehauf Schonrock cable dump trailer and an International truck. The truck is equipped with a winch that pulls the cable, making the trailer raise up to dump its load. This was used before trailers had hydraulic lifts. The truck and trailer belong to Reed Hurst. When Reed first started driving semi trucks, he would haul uranium up narrow roads like the Old Comb road. Around some of the sharp corners, one of the dual tires would hang in midair. One day, Reed came around the corner and a car was broken down in the road. The man’s wife saw the tire hanging out in mid-air and started to scream, thinking the truck and trailer were going off the cliff. After they got her calmed down and the car repaired, she looked at Reed and said in an accent, “You men haft nerfs of steel”.  When Reed found the antique in Fallon Nevada, Gaylene watched it raise up in the air and said “Now he is going to buy the damn thing”.  He put a sign on the side that said, Down Wind Trucking, the name Reed used for all the uranium that was hauled in old truck and trailers like the one pictured. Courtesy photo

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