Ann Leppanen

Candidate for Bluff Mayor
My introduction to Bluff was over 30 years ago.  My husband and I had been backpacking in Grand Gulch.  Coming out, we looked for lodging.  Bluff was calling to us, and ten years later, after repeat trips to Bluff, Cedar Mesa, and Grand Gulch, we purchased land and began building a home.  Slowly.  We learned what the phrase “Bluff Surprise” meant – several times.
Why am I a “write-in” candidate? Because I want to see Bluff through the incorporation process and to help establish the new council and ordinances.  I have been working hard for more than two years on getting Bluff to this point.
I am the mayoral candidate who has worked for three years to save Bluff’s water, so that Bluff has control over its own water, not San Juan County.
I am the mayoral candidate who has worked two years for incorporation so that Bluff controls Bluff’s future.  This means local control over development, zoning, and ordinances.
I support dark skies – period.
I will be one of five co-equal town council persons.  There is no plan to raise your taxes, unless San Juan County goes into bankruptcy.  Then who knows what will happen.  
I am the stepmother of two amazing daughters who each are married. I am the proud grandmother of three grandsons who I hope will have the chance to come to love this area as we do.
If you agree, write in “Ann Leppanen” as the “write in” mayor candidate for Bluff.

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