Advice for Andrea pours in from near and far

A very small world

I am continually amazed at how small the world is with technology.

Case in point is my silly editorial last week seeking advice for San Juan Record employee Andrea Montgomery during her eight week adventure in Europe.

The advice was tongue-in-cheek suggestions such as to avoid slipping in Greece, and to keep an eye on her ATM card in the Czech Republic.

Imagine our suprise on Thursday morning, just a day after the San Juan Record is published, when we received an email from Germany with some heartfelt advice for Andrea.

• • • • •


I currently live in Bitburg, Germany and have lived here for 3 1/2 years.

I think touring the Eifel River and Castles are great.

Have a great day!

Dawnae Holcomb

• • • • •

I have no idea who Dawnae is, but we are glad that we have some readers in Germany who can share some advice with Andrea.

• • • • •

Dawnae’s advice is straight forward and lacks the play on words of our other entries.

Just remember Andrea, I hear that it is unlawful to eat an awful waffle in Eifel.

• • • • •

Other advice for Andrea has poured in:

• Watch out for the eunichs in Munich.

• Try the cole slaw in Warsaw?

• Try the sardines in Sardinia, the apples in Naples, the flan in Milan, and the venison in Venice.

• I hear that chewing tobacco is cheap in Copenhagen.

• Be careful what they try to sell you as seafood in Wales or as hamburger in Shetland.

• There is a right way and a wrong way, but no way to Norway.

• Where do the cows live in Stockholm?

• Give the shakes a try in Malta.

• Stick together in Split.

• Take your time in Russia.

• Curl your hair in Perm.

• I hear there are nerds in Nord.

• Make sure the food is properly refrigerated in Rotenburg.

• Try the rump roast in Butzow.

• Just turn over your wallet if you are robbed in Hannover.

• Avoid the cooked rodents in Amsterdam.

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