Thefts may total $40,000

Up to $40,000 in tools and equipment has been stolen in a series of break-ins at construction sites around San Juan County.
Three sites were hit over the weekend of May 14-15, with similar items missing from each site.
A construction trailer in Monticello was broken into and an estimated $8,000 in tools were taken, including a tamper, saw and generator.
In Blanding, a trailer at a construction site was stolen. The trailer was discovered several days later on a county road at Recapture Pocket near Bluff. Once again, a number of items were taken from the trailer, but the burglars left additional items.
An estimated $24,000 in items were taken from construction trailers at a gravel pit near Bluff. Stolen items include two compactors and paving “automatics” worth an estimated $20,000 alone.
Law enforcement officials from San Juan County, Monticello and Blanding are coordinating their efforts in an attempt to solve the crimes. They state that many aspects of the recent crimes are similar to a series of break-ins two years ago.
They encourage anyone with information about the crimes to report it to law enforcement officials.
“Watch your stuff and make steps to take care of your valuables,” said San Juan County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Torgerson. “Safes and security cameras may help you avoid a similar crime.”
Torgerson adds that area residents can request a security watch on their property if they are going to be out of the area. Call law enforcement for more information.
In addition, law enforcement officials warn that a scam may be targeting area residents who have Quick Loans. Telephone calls to people with the Quick Loans ask for payment.
However, Torgerson warns, the address given to send the check may not be to the Quick Loan company.
“Do a little research before you send money,” suggested Torgerson.

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