Television switch may be delayed

The national switch from analog to digital television has run into some snags, including a few in San Juan County.

Agencies have been working for months to complete the transfer to entirely digital by February 17, 2009. The transfer has been plagued in part by a lack of converter boxes, causing the U.S. Congress to consider a delay in the deadline.

The US Senate is nearing a deal that would delay the deadline from February 17 to June 12.

Local officials have moved toward the February 17 deadline. At the current time, three stations broadcast analog from the Abajo Peak relay station: KUTV ch 2, KUED ch 7 and KSTU ch 13.

Steve Bradford reports that the three analog stations may not be repaired if there are problems between now and the final transfer.

Eight stations now are broadcasting digital from Abajo Peak: KUTV ch 2, KTVX ch 4, KSL ch 5, KUED ch 7, KBYU ch 11, KSTU ch 13, KJZZ ch 14 and KUCW ch 30.

Bradford reports that four stations have had power problems: channels 4, 13, 14 and 30.

Surveys show that most homes in America will be ready by February 17. That still leaves up to six million television sets that would go dark on February 17.

Cable and satellite providers broadcast in digital and newer televisions can air digital. Free converter boxes are offered, but funding for the converter boxes has been delayed.

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