Taylor Harrison

My name is Taylor Harrison and I am running for re-election to Blanding city council.
I have been married to Stacy Lyman Harrison from Blanding for 10 years.  We have three beautiful children, with a fourth on the way. 
I have served the great city of Blanding on the city council since 2014; my love for the community has grown so much during this time.
I have seen many great things happen in this community, and I feel like I have been a strong voice for the city, representing the views and desires of the citizens in town.
I would love to continue to represent the great people of Blanding on the city council for another four years. I believe that government should have a limited role in the community, and that there should be transparency in all that government does.
Our city government has done a great job of managing the budget, and being fiscally responsible; I am proud of the measures taken by the city to ensure stable and responsible spending of taxpayers’ money. I pledge to continue to support responsible budgeting.
We have fantastic people employed by the city of Blanding right now, and I love working with them.  I will continue to work with our Fire and Police departments to make sure they have what they need to continue to keep us safe! 
I value giving our youth active outlets and physical activities; I see it as giving them the opportunity to learn lifelong lessons of hard work, and teamwork. I feel it is vital that we actively engage in strengthening our local economy, so that we can grow in a way that is comfortable, and keeps Blanding, Blanding.
It is not acceptable for the federal government, at the urging of special interest groups with no vested interest in our land, to continue its overreach, and blatant land grabs; I will continue to work with everyone I can on these issues.
I think that Blanding is home to some of the best families in the world; my wife and I very deliberately chose to raise our children here, and we both agree that this is one of the best decisions we have ever made. I love Blanding and the people that I have been able to represent as a member of the city council. Check out “Taylor Harrison for Blanding City Council” on Facebook.

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