Irrigation line breaks at the Hideout Golf Course

The Hideout Golf Course is being watered through the culinary water system in the final weeks of the summer season. The culinary system is being used due to a late-August break in the 24-inch irrigation line that generally provides water to the course.
Monticello City Manager Doug Wright explained that city crews were cautious to ensure no cross-contamination took place.
Wright said golf course managers have been instructed to use a minimum amount of water in the final weeks of the summer.
“We asked everyone to conserve water at a certain level, and the golf course has responded,” said Wright. “We will continue to cut back, even as we protect our investment in the golf course.”
While the culinary system is delivering the water, there is no decrease in the amount of water set aside for culinary purposes. “All the water comes from the same source,” said Wright.
The 24-inch line was installed in the 1980s by San Juan Water Conservancy and has experienced several breaks in recent years. In the past, the Water Conservancy District repaired, rather than replaced, the line.
The course used 4.9 million gallons of water in July, which was 46 percent of the multi-year average and 34 percent of the recommended use.
The Hideout irrigates approximately 100 acres of turf.

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