No charges for Grayeyes or Nielson

It appears there will be no criminal charges related to the initial March 2018 complaint which challenged the residency of Willie Grayeyes after County Attorneys declined to file charges.
In the past week, the office of the Grand County Attorney announced that it would not file charges against San Juan County Clerk John David Nielson for postdating the complaint document.
Earlier in 2018, the office of Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlins declined to filed charges against Grayeyes for allegedly falsifying his election application.
Adjacent County Attorneys handled the investigations to avoid a possible conflict of interest between Nielson and the San Juan County Attorney.
The controversy began in March 2018 when Blanding resident Wendy Black filed a complaint with John David Nielson alleging that Grayeyes was not a resident of San Juan County and should not be eligible to run for the County Commission.
After an investigation, Nielson removed Grayeyes from the ballot, but a subsequent lawsuit filed in federal court returned Grayeyes’s name to the ballot. He went on to secure a seat on the San Juan County Commission in the November 2018 general election.
In the federal court ruling, Judge David Nuffer ruled that Nielson had postdated the complaint and returned the name of Grayeyes to the ballot.
Nuffer’s ruling focused on the process used to disqualify Grayeyes and did not address the residency question. A subsequent lawsuit was filed challenging Grayeyes’s residency.

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