Election results delayed

San Juan County Clerk Auditor John-David Nielson calls in from Monument Valley to the polling station in Monticello at the courthouse. His cell phone service cuts in and out as he attempts to give information about the Monument Valley count. His phone drops the call. It’s 9:10 p.m. on Election Day.

Assistant County Clerk James Francom calls in right after Nielson with numbers from Montezuma Creek. He’s calling just outside of Blanding, headed back to Monticello with a lockbox of counted ballots as poll workers and county staff battle yawns and fatigue. The subject of discussion centers around when official results will be available. If they count all the 800 estimated uncounted ballots in Monticello in addition to official results for Monument Valley, Montezuma Creek, and Navajo Mountain the evening could run into the morning.

James Francom emerges through the doors of the San Juan County Courthouse with the lockbox full of counted ballots from Montezuma Creek. They wait for Nielson as he drives through the night headed for Monticello.

The only ballot box remaining is being driven by Delton Pugh from Navajo Mountain. Pugh volunteered the day before for the four and a half hour drive with virtually no cell service.

Salt Lake City Media awaits in the lobby, as they hope for the results of the County Commissioner District 2 race. It looks as though many of the local races are too close to call with the 3,549 ballots already counted.

There’s over a thousand ballots left to count. Officials determine to begin the final counting process in the morning as media members pick through the results of Montezuma Creek. Two votes for Willie Grayeyes one for Kelly Laws. It brings the unofficial count of their District 2 commissioner race to 600 for Laws, 449 for Grayeyes. There’s no way to call their race with over a 1,000 left to count.

Phil Lyman holds 3,082 votes with three of the seven counties reporting. His opponent Marsha Holland stands at 1,116. It’s one of the only races that can safely be called.

Kenneth Maryboy and Bruce Adams are headed for new terms.

Three of the five school board district races are clear calls. Lori Maughan, Merri B. Shumway and Steven Black appear to be headed to re-election. The other two races are within a few votes.

During the Primary Election it took three days to get the official results after the final ballots were cast.

As unofficial and official results come in over the course of the next day or days, the San Juan Record will update any available information.

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