2020 San Juan County Fair results

1st, Justin Ivins, Whitnie Ivins, Zach Brown,
Trason Jack, Ramsay Holliday, Dylan Ivins
2nd, Matt Beh, Mark Beh, Justice Robison,
Steven Robinson, Reed Hedglin, Logan Draper
3rd, Halli Palmer, Bailey Brown, Delaney Palmer,
Sadie Brown, Davis MVP Mendoza, Abbi Christensen

Hula Hoop, Mohanrai George
Sack Race, Cordell Walker
Egg Toss, Cooper Palmer & Parker Snyder

1st, Whitney Ivins Team: Whitnie, Justin, Dylan, and Ladd Ivins Trason Jack
2nd, The Boys: Jensen Grover, Nate Grover, Ladd Ivins, Jaden Baker
3rd, Dan’s Cattle Co: Monte Dan, Brandley John Jr., Kesler Dan , Wade Tuni
4th, Averie/Whit: Averie Ivins, Whitnie Ivins, Jake Ivins, Collin Baker, Justin Ivins
Boot Race, Jensen Grover, Kara Nay, Lucky Collum, Randall Flavel

1st, Monte Dan, Brandley John & Wade Tuni
2nd, Cacey Carlson, Trason Jack & Justin Lee
3rd, Justin Ivins, Trason Jack & Boden Carpenter

Best Of Show
Gary Guymon, Oil Painting
Sandra Storm, Lily
Makenna Peterson, Children and Youth
Yadhira Rice, Raspberry Almond Cookies
Yadhira Rice, Homemade Salsa
Nathan Chamberlain, Night Stand
Cooper Jones, Carrots
Yadhira Rice, Lizard Photo
Gayle Shumway, Rooster quilted wall hanging
Nicole Holliday, Christmas Quilt
Nicole Holliday, Chicken Quilt
Nicole Holliday, Colorful Circles Quilt
Loren Holyoak, Blue Aztec Design Quilt
Roxanne Eldredge, Ava Crochet Doll
Dekota Halls, Scrapbooking
Cheyenne Low, Themed scrapbook album

Judges Choice
Carolina Pipkin, Scrapbooking
Jordan Black, Scrapbooking
Karen Suttlemyre, Daisy Quilt
Lawrence Guymon, Sunflower photo
Maxine Deeter, Quilt
Lawrence Guyman, Photo
George Rice, Onions
Liesl Francom, Pipe lamp
Julie Bronson, Wall hangings
Brenda Rowley, Apricot Leather
Loren Holyoak, Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Loaf
Colee Crofts, Children and Youth
Liesl Francom, Gladiolus
Gary Guyman, Painting

Honorable Mention
Gianfranco DeAngelis, Painting
Liesel Francom, Painting
Klaire Dustin, Herb Graden
Cooper Jones, Rose
Ayla Carling, Children and Youth
Emmaly Wheeler, Children and Youth
Teegen Olson, Children and Youth
Katie Francom, Children and youth
Dean Acton, Children and Youth
Allyssa Wheeler, Children and Youth
Vanessa Bennett, Cherry Cheesecake Macaroon
Stephanie Chapman, Lemonies
Loren Holyoak, Blackberry Syrup
Yadhira Rice, Raspberry Jam
Loren Holyoak, Freeze Dryed Peppers
Jessica Olson, Corn Meal
Marilyn Rowley, Pickled Beets
Vee Carroll, Doll
Wyatt Holyoak, Rasp Stirrups
George Rice, Beans
Dorothy Leavitt, Beans
Dorothy Leavitt, Squash
Tamara Grover, Corn Stalk
Stephanie Chapman, Photography
Bobbie Holt, Quilt
Dorothy Leavitt, Bottled Green Beans
Jon Pipkin, Scrapbooking
Gemma Olson, Scrapbooking
Teegen Olson, Scrapbooking
Sarah Pipkin, Scrapbooking
Jennifer Hoggard, Scrapbooking

Beginners: Ages 6 and under
1st, Banyon Freestone
2nd, Braxton Shupe

Juniors: Ages 7-12
1st, Kynnedy Bingham
2nd, Lucy Black
3rd, Lucy Black, Aspen Palmer, Elsie Grover, Lydia Black

Intermediate: Ages 13-18
1st, Brandt Bingham
2nd, Stetson Black

Seniors: Ages 19 & up
1st, Alex Slade

Scholarship Winner, Quay Walker
Jess Grover Memorial Scholarship, Brittani Grover

Hog Division
Quay Walker, Grand Champion
Paxton Christensen, 1st Reserve Champion
Raylee Kelly, 2nd Reserve Champion
Quay Walker, Senior Showmanship Champion
Raylee Kelly, Senior 2nd place Showmanship
Paxton Christensen, Senior 3rd place Showmanship
Makena Cressler, Junior Showmanship Champion
Lincoln Blanchard, Junior Showmanship 2nd place
Boston Monson, Junior Showmanship 3rd place
Jade Nielson, Rate of Gain
Caitlyn Winn, Herdsman

Lamb Division
Jaylyn King, Grand Champion
Taylor Barry, 1st Reserve Champion
Quay Walker, 2nd Reserve Champion
Quay Walker, Senior Showmanship Champion
Curtis Bunker, Senior 2nd place Showmanship
Ali Barry, Senior 3rd place Showmanship
Taylor Barry, Junior Showmanship Champion
Kaden Pehrson, Junior Showmanship 2nd place
Jaylyn King, Junior Showmanship 3rd place
Ali Barry, Rate of Gain
Bailey Rose, Herdsman

Goat Division
Tuff Adair, Grand Champion
Hannah Barry, 1st Reserve Champion
Madison Adair, 2nd Reserve Champion
Tuff Adair, Senior Showmanship Champion
Raylee Kelly, Senior 2nd place Showmanship
Paige Palmer, Senior 3rd place Showmanship
Hannah Barry, Junior Showmanship Champion
Evelyn Mccullough, Junior Showmanship 2nd place
Makena Cressler, Junior Showmanship 3rd place
Cameron Adair, Rate of Gain
Ryan Mccullough, Herdsman

Steer Division
Britany Grover, Grand Champion
Kooper Nielson, 1st Reserve Champion
Nathan Grover, 2nd Reserve Champion
Oakley Adams, Senior Showmanship Champion
Jensen Grover, Senior 2nd place Showmanship
Emmry Wilcox, Senior 3rd place Showmanship
Taylor Barry, Junior Showmanship Champion
Macee Palmer, Junior Showmanship 2nd place
Janette Halls, Rate of Gain
Rylan Grover, Herdsman

Senior & Junior Student Judging
1st, Elsie Grover
2nd, Tyler Pehrson
2nd, Macee Palmer
3rd, Jade Nielson
3rd, Titan Profaizer
3rd, Emmry Wilcox
3rd, Cameron Adair

Adult Judging
1st, BJ Grover
2nd, JJ Grover
2nd, Cordell Walker

Hog Division
Sophie Adams, Grand Champion
Ridge Latham, 1st Reserve
Chezney Ivins, 2nd Reserve
Ridge Latham, Showmanship
Sophie Adams, Rate of Gain

Lamb Division
Cecilia Jackson, Grand Champion
Lyric Wilcox, 1st Reserve
Lydia Black, 2nd Reserve
Elsie Grover, Showmanship
Statten Wigginton, Rate of Gain

Goat Division
Elsie Grover, Grand Champion
Braddock Mortenson, 1st Reserve
Lilly Cressler, 2nd Reserve
Lennon Palmer, Showmanship
Lilly Cressler, Rate of Gain

Bull Riding, Kash Shumway

Mutton Bustin
1st, Dally Collom, Tynz Christensen, Welker Veach
2nd, Diesel Black, Nixon Boone, Taj Nielson
3rd, Briggs Nay, Grace Jeppeson, Hyrum Snyder
4th, Claire Dalton, Kailey Bylilly, Faith Snyder

Calf Riding
1st, Talmage Nielson, Stihl Black, Shaddlee Christensen
2nd, Boston Monson, Jaylon Crofts, Jake Pehrson
3rd, Cameron Adair, Bronx Black, Ashtin Nielson
4th, Kashten Regalado, Bryson Adair, Kade Snyder

Steer Riding
1st, Colten Furry
2nd, JD Palmer
3rd, Dylan Barry
4th, Nolan Cressler

Barrel Racing
1st, Bailey Bauer, Kambree Holiday, Kesler Dan, Megan Zunich
2nd, Shyndee Daybell, Dutton Daybell, Devyn John, Brett James
3rd, Vincent John Jr, Adison Ivins, Reanen Bauer, Kash Shumway
4th, Rowan Cresto, Angela Halls, Taylor Barry

Pole Bending
1st , Shyndee Daybell, Angela Halls, Devyn John, Megan Zunich
2nd , Bailey Bauer, Kambree Holiday, Kesler Dan, Kaia Noyes
3rd, Vincent John Jr, Dutton Daybell, Reanen Bauer, Riana James
4th, Rowan Cresto, Reiny Collom

Breakaway Roping
1st, Kesler Dan, Jace Palmer
2nd, Wade Tuni

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