BRIDGE CLOSURE: SR-95 Bridge West of Blanding

Bridge Evaluation Underway for Main Route to Lake Powell from Eastern Utah.

The Cottonwood Wash Bridge is closed until further notice on Highway 95, about nine miles west of Blanding.

Structural engineers from the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) will inspect the bridge today to determine what needs to be done. More will be known after the inspection.

A routine general inspection of the bridge revealed potential issues with erosion – or scouring -in the sandstone abutment that holds the bridge in place. With an abundance of caution, the road was closed on Tuesday, August 3 until the engineers can assess the situation.

While there was evidence of recent water on the impacted area of the bridge, the damage is not believed to be directly tied to recent storms that have caused flash flooding in some areas.

The closure impacts a variety of routes through the Canyon Country, including travel west of Blanding to Hanksville, Lake Powell, Natural Bridges, Bears Ears and Cedar Mesa.

Travelers are advised to choose alternate routes suited to their vehicle. Highway 261, up the Moki Dugway, is one route to locations in the general area, while traveling on Highway 191 through Moab may be the best route for travelers headed to farther destinations.

Freight trucks and vehicles that are towing trailers, boats or other vehicles are advised to use I-70 and SR-24 through Hanksville as the best alternative route at this time.

Due to limited services, access, road types and the distances involved in a remote area, motorists are urged to plan ahead if venturing into the area. Do not rely solely on GPS systems or phone applications for road directions.

The duration of the bridge closure is undetermined at this time pending the structural evaluation.

For the latest on Utah road and traffic conditions please visit or check the UDOT Traffic App.

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