Rotary Club organizes

by Clayson Lyman

Monticello Rotary Club will Charter soon now that the key Club Officers and Directors were elected last Tuesday at the Club’s third orientation and organizational meeting held at Monticello Library.

Bruce Adams was elected Club President, Lyle Anderson - President Elect, Phil Lowe - President Elect Nominee, Rye Nielson - Sergeant at Arms, and Dianne Nielson - Director of Club Service. Five additional Board Members will be elected soon to include Director - Community Service, Director - Vocational Service, Director - International Service, Secretary and Treasurer.

It is anticipated that some of Monticello’s leading business and professional men and women and community leaders will become Charter Members of the Monticello Rotary Club.

Rotary seeks leaders from a wide spectrum of vocations including the best butcher, baker and candlestick maker in town. One is invited to join Rotary because of one’s vocation. Rotary’s great success around the world is the result of key men and women joining hands to provide major humanitarian outreach not only in their respective communities, but also in their county, state, country and, indeed, worldwide.

I am reminded of two former citizens of Monticello who played a major role in the betterment of our town:  L.A. “Swede” Odette and his wife Mildred were community leaders and very active in clubs and projects to help make Monticello a great place. “Swede” was President of the Lions Club and was very active in many community projects and programs.

Mildred too stepped up in leadership roles and the two of them were key citizens of Monticello. There are many others who served well like the Odettes. 

Those of us who proudly call Monticello home, are forever indebted to those who followed the Rotary theme: “Service Above Self.”  

Another key Rotary theme we practice in Rotary:  “Look Beyond Yourself” was well understood and embraced by people like Dorothy & Donald Adams, Leon & Beryl Adams, Dan & Cornelia Perkins, Carl & Maxine Allred, Ila & Gordon Robson, Reta Bailey Bartell, Ralph Bailey, A.B. Barton.

George & Sade Barton, Karl & Ella Barton, Lloyd & Willie Barton, Lawrence & Eva Black, Eddie Boyle, Fletch & Eva Bronson, Soapy & Stella Perkins, Herm & Pearl Butt, Clyde Christensen, Joe & Cleon Cooper, Max & Melvin Dalton, Angeline Westcott, Louise Duckett.

Duke & Lena Edwards, Tom & Mary Evans, Claude & Vera Foy, Heber & Louie Frost, C.A. & Seraphine Frost, Alfred & Mel Frost, Wilford & Thressa Frost, Prudencio Gonzalez, Frank & Lizzie Halls, Margaret & DeVere Halls, Lloyd & Catherine Hansen, Reno & Margaret Hanson, Ernest & Thelma Harrall,  Ben Hess.

Ace & Zola Holden, Carlos & Julia Hyde, William & Annie Hyde, Fred & LaVerna Jensen, Hans & Della Jensen, Clement & Alice Johnson, Cecil & Elva Jones, Pete & Lenora Jones, John Lewis, Fermin & Adelina Lopez.

Joe & Irene Madrid, Eddie & Leona Markosek, Clyde & Bernice Nielson, Milt & Estella Nielson, Wesley & Thora Norton, George & Ann Palmer, Ward & Ada Palmer, Gilbert & Mae Pehrson,  Horace & Laura Pehrson.

Rodney & Josephine Pehrson, Wilmer & Naomi Bronson, Jay & Marie Redd, James Monroe & Lucinda Redd, L. Frank & Nettie Redd, Keith & Donna Redd, L.H. & Lovina Redd, Daryle & Pearl Redd, Lee & Fern Richey, Ken & Beth Summers, Ken & Dale Maughan, Seth & Mabel Wright.

Sam & Guyla Rowley, Ben & Etna Schafer, Jim & Dixie Scorup, Dave & Eva Torres, Pearl Walton, Bill & Thelma Walton, Bert & Arvilla Warren, John & Emma Whipple, Boyd & Gladys Wilson, Heber & Mary Jane Wilson, Buck & LeNora Christensen, Leroy & Isabel Wood, Claud & Inez Young, and many more.

In days past many people in Monticello made a big difference and laid the ground work for what we enjoy in Monticello today. Rotary and Lions initiate projects that contribute to the good and well-being of all of us. So we appeal to all men and women to step up and do your part - find something constructive to do for our community. As everyone finds a way to serve, we will all be enriched.

We encourage all citizens of Monticello to play a role in humanitarian projects to benefit everyone in our community. If anyone is not currently doing his or her part in helping to make Monticello a better place, we encourage you to step up and join Rotary or Lions or any other organization that is in place to lift and build our town and touch the lives of all of us for good.

Those who never step up to serve their fellow men, for whatever reason, are missing out on a chance to experience life-changing “warm fuzzies” that come to us as we reach out and do our share.

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