Renaissance Fair attracts large crowd

The Blanding Renaissance Fair held September 12 and 13 was an amazing success.  More than one thousand people attended the event at Centennial Park in Blanding. 
The Renaissance Fair is in its second year and is already the fourth best-attended event in Blanding behind the Fourth of July, the Tree for All, and the STEAM Expo.
“Next year we plan to add tournaments, sponsors, and more carnival elements to the Renaissance Fair,” said fair organizer Dan Raisor.  “We also plan to bring in more people from all over the Four Corners area.”
Travelers saw the signs and stopped at the fair as well, including folks from Ohio, Iowa, and England.  The couple from England were interested to see what an American Renaissance Fair was like.  They were impressed with the fair and lady’s costume dresses.  
Many of the folks on the ATV Safari came by for the food.  “I’ve performed for renaissance fairs all over the west and what sets the Blanding Renaissance Fair apart from all the others is the pony rides,” said Dale Winger of Weiss Magik.
The renaissance is part of our heritage to celebrate a time in history when people in Europe learned to live better with each other and explored the sciences, history, medicine, and religion. 
The new thinking, called humanism, replaced constant war and daily back-breaking hard work.  Life became enjoyable.  People could dream big, get an education, and make a good life for themselves.

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