Petina (Tina) Corrao

I have lived in Monticello for 16 years. My husband and I have raised our three children here. I am running for San Juan County Recorder.
The basic duties of a county recorder are to:
1) oversee all documents and records required by law to be recorded,
2) assume the responsibility of establishing procedures and guidelines for protecting those documents and
3) establish procedures and guidelines to govern the electronic submission of those documents.
The current recorder’s office is known for having well-kept records, a user-friendly computer program, knowledgeable staff and up-to-date records. It is my goal to maintain the integrity of the office and continue that service.
I have worked for South Eastern Utah Title Company for 11 years and Wells Fargo Bank for five years.
Working in the title company has given me the opportunity to work very closely with the Recorder’s office. I specialize in public relations and have worked well with attorneys, real estate agents and lending institutions throughout the state.
I feel I work well with the people currently employed in the Recorder’s office. I also have a good working relationship with the employees of the courthouse where information is also searched.
I know what information is needed to have documents recorded properly and how important it is to keep them accurate, current and private.
In my years in the title industry, I have recorded approximately 700 documents in Monticello.
I have examined the new laws coming into effect and am exploring how to incorporate them to best suit the needs of Monticello.
I am a licensed Escrow agent and a certified and bonded Notary Public.
The state is mandating a program called E-file. The challenge of this program will not be installing and implementing it; the challenge will be how to keep the public’s information private and to ensure that the original document is acquired for recording.
The county is working on a GIS program, and the challenge for this program will be how much information should be made available to the public and what may be the possible loss of income to the county if information can be obtained on the web.
I am qualified and capable of resolving those issues.
I am a hard worker and committed to service. I have the knowledge and experience necessary to continue the reliable and professional service of the Recorder’s office with the easiest transition possible.
I look forward to serving you. Thank you.

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