From the Past

70 years ago
Clifford Smith, Monticello’s leading poultry raiser, is purchasing 1,000 chicks. He has good equipment and has been very successful in his undertaking. This is good news for Monticello, as there is a great shortage of eggs at certain seasons of the year.

60 years ago
Poem by Frank Halls:

“Our Weather”
When the wind starts to howl and it’s thirty below,
we feel right at home here in Monticello.
If we crave some warm weather, sunshine’s the thing,
You may think we are crazy, devoid of good sense,
to live here with snowdrifts clear over the fence.
But we are real happy and think it is swell,
for there’s no place quite like it this side of – heaven.

50 years ago
Edway Redd, San Juan Community Concert Association Vice President, accepts a $100 check from Monticello Lion’s Club to be used to purchase a grand piano. • School lunch for students in Monticello and Blanding will be available next year.

40 years ago
Buckaroo mat men take home the Region 6 trophy. They have taken Region 6 South for the past five or six years. Members are Stan Purcell, Spencer Frost, Keele Johnson, Howard Randall, Monte Dalton, Dale Barrell, Danny Cressler, Curtis Redd, Alan Behunin, Craig Halls, Glade Young, and Randy Butler.

30 years ago
After 21 years of concerts, it appears that the San Juan Community Concert Association may die because of lack of community support, according to Association President Pauline Jensen. • A bill which would provide for an election to divide a county was introduced in the Utah State Legislature by State Representative Hardy Redd. The possibility of dividing San Juan County into two separate entities has been discussed by San Juan County Commissioners.

20 years ago
Bad weather did not diminish the enthusiasm of three young men who carved an icy dragon and warrior sculpture out of solid ice. Ron Terry, Eric Skouson, and Adam Francom will spend the $100 first prize they won in the ice sculpture contest to buy electronics and other games for the Gamers Club. Black Oil won second prize for a “cool” rendition of a tanker truck. A farm tractor won third place for Terrill Slade and Shay Lewis.

10 years ago
James Muhlestein, the music director at Monticello High School, is named the Outstanding High School Music Educator in Utah. He received the annual award in St. George from the Utah Music Educator’s Association.

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