Michael “Yak” Jaramillo

May 22, 1923 ~ January 2, 2010

Micheal “YAK” Jaramillo passed away January 1, 2010 at home the results of a severe heartattack.

Born Decemeber 17, 1948 in Monticello, UT to Thomas and Frances Jaramillo.

Yak’s greatest accomplishments were being a multi state track champion, driving truck, “being the best ever seen” in bad situations.

He loved to hunt, fish, spend time with family and friends.

Known to the world as Yak, he was a loving husband, father and friend.Yak will be greatly missed by all those that truly knew him.

He is survived by his wife Tamy, son Floyd (Savannah) Jaramillo, daughter Skie (Paul) Langston, three grandsons, Riddick Langston, Wyatt and Harley Jaramillo, brothers Val and Manuel, sisters Eve Stocks and Shone Ariotti, son Mike, two daughters, Shonica, and Johnnie and his five weanie dogs.

He is preceded in death by both parents.

Card of thanks
A special thank you to the Class of 1967, Glenn Miller, Steve Rogers, Gary Halls, all the ladies that prepared food and to all the friends and family for your love and support.

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