George Osco Kensley

June 10, 1952 ~ July 6, 2010
George Kensley died unexpectedly on July 6, 2010, from complications following an ATV accident.
He was born on June 10, 1952 in Monticello, UT (30 seconds before his twin brother, Jim) to Fran and Bill Kensley. As he grew up, he moved between Monticello, California and Oregon, but he spent his summers at Marge and Harry Sturgeon’s VY Ranch on Peter’s Hill.
After graduating from Dayton High School in Dayton, Oregon in 1970, he worked for a year before joining his brother in the Air Force, where George was a Correctional Custody Guard.
After his time in the Air Force, George became a full time rancher, helping Harry and then eventually taking over at the VY, where he worked with and took care of Marge Sturgeon after Harry’s death.
He also worked at various times as an Emergency Medical Techincian, a police officer for the City of Monticello, and a firefighter for both San Juan County and the State of Utah.
George spent his life in service to others, and was happiest when he was able to help someone solve a problem.
George is survived by his twin, Jim (Amy Watkins), his brothers John Saltzman and Mike Penfield, his nephews Chris (Nikki Etzler) and Cameron Saltzman and Michael Kensley, and a niece, Christy Saltzman, as well as two grand-nephews, and many, many friends who are also considered family.
A Memorial Service was held Saturday, July 10, 2010 at 11:00 at the Blanding North LDS Chapel.

Card of thanks
George’s family is so very grateful to all the EMTs who helped George, to the staff at Blue Mountain Hospital, and especially to Dr. Key for not only going above and beyond, but also for the love and concern they showed, and for crying with us.
We are also grateful to Dr. Reay and the staff at the San Juan Hospital and Blanding Clinic for all they did for George over the past several years. Thank you.
Jim, Amy & Michael
John Saltzman
Chris & Nikki Saltzman family
Christy Saltzman
& family
Cameron Saltzman
Mike Penfield & family

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