Angela Rigby Cameron

August 21, 1964~ February 19, 2010

Angela was born August 21, 1964 in Riverside, CA. She spent her first 13 months of life in a foster home.

Truman K. and Ada R. Rigby adopted her. The adoption was finalized November 15, 1966. The judge was Fred Keller, and the social worker representative was Rex Ashdown.

Angela attended elementary school, junior high school and high school in Blanding, UT. Angela played the clarinet in the high school band. She graduated from San Juan High School in the spring of 1982, and she graduated from seminary the same year.

She remained home until she enrolled in Snow College in Ephraim, UT the fall of 1982.

She enrolled in the LDS Business College the fall of 1983. She didn’t enjoy college.

After college she lived with her parents until August, 1985. At that time she flew to Delaware, where she married Brian Cameron who was in the Air Force. They eventually moved to the west coast, where she and Brian separated.

Angela ended back in Delaware. She loved Delaware and especially the ocean.

While in Delaware she began losing her vision. It was discovered she had congenital cataracts that she was born with.

Surgery was performed on her left eye which was not successful. The right eye surgery was successful.

On February 2, 2002 at the Moran Eye Center, surgery was again performed on her left eye. Again the surgery was not successful.

Angela died legally blind in her left eye and with a secondary cataract forming over her right eye.

Angela loved music. She had an ear for it. She could read music and after playing a song she could play that song without the notes. Angela had artistic talent. She could do lettering in many styles and sizes without the use of guides.

She had a special bond with her sister, Brenda. As they both matured that bond became very strong.

Angela lived in several states. She worked as a UPS clerk in several of them. She loved her customers, and they loved her. Angela made friends easily and always had close friends.

She eventually settled in Noblesville, IN. There her health began to fail. She died in her apartment on February 19, 2010.

She is survived by her parents, Truman K. and Ada R. Rigby, brother Black (Michelle) Rignby of Salt Lake City, UT, sister, Brenda (Kelly) Dearth, of Grand Junction, CO.

Funeral services were held Friday, February 26, 2010 at the North Chapel in Blanding, UT. Funeral services were provided by the San Juan Mortuary of Blanding, UT.

Card of thanks
The family of Angela Rigby Cameron would like to express their thanks for the cards, money, flowers and expressions of condolences received. We wish to thank the participants at the funeral.

We wish to acknowledge members of our extended families, some who traveled great distances to be with us.

We express a special thanks to the Blanding Fifth Ward Relief Society, who so efficiently set up the display of flowers at the mortuary and moved them to the North Chapel and for preparing the family dinner following the gravesite dedication. Also thanks to the Fifth Ward Bishopric, who helped us through this trial of mourning.

We also wish to express our appreciation to Danny Palmer, mortician at the San Juan Mortuary. He was very professional and kind.

Truman K. & Ada R. Rigby
Black & Michelle Rigby
Brenda & Kelly Dearth

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