It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

by Maxine Deeter

But, will it last?  I was thinking last week that one of the best ways to preserve some things is to freeze them.  So, thinks I, this Christmas card scene produced by last week’s snow should last as it was followed by sub zero temps.

Last Sunday morning as I was driving (in northern Utah) in a 40 degree rain, I had to rethink that theory.  I’m not a newcomer here – I know that Ma Nature can be at her fickled best this time of year.  So, will we have a White Christmas next week?  Heaven only knows (I’m assuming that Heaven and Ma communicate). 

Right now, we can be in the deepest of mud seasons by next week and I’m not going to complain (no, really).  Just keep us out of the deep freeze.

The lowest the NOAA thermometer registered last week was eight below zero.  There were, however, other locations that registered in the double digits below zero. 

The sink hole of La Sal – Rattlesnake Ranch – registered a bone chilling 24 below last week.  This was verified by three separate thermometers!  You know it is too cold when your nose hairs immediately freeze upon going outside.

About the only real news on the social calendar this week is the young students at La Sal Elementary having their annual Christmas program and brag night.  This is really my favorite LSE event.  It all gets underway at 6:30.  These usually start on time – so don’t set your watch to La Sal Standard Time.

The special guest of the evening will be – as every year – the jolly dude in the red, fur trimmed suit.  He’ll be escorted by his friendly elves from the La Sal Volunteer Fire Department. 

Look for this cherry red lights to be aflashing announcing his arrival.  He’ll have his pack full of goodie bags for all the good little boys and girls of La Sal.  Remember, that is the only kind we have in these parts.

These “elves” will also be out making their rounds next week as they escort  Santa on his rounds delivering his toys for La Salian kids toys for tots La Sal style.

Congrats to MHS matman of the week Taz Robinson.  And you thought he was just a budding columnist.  Not so, he is a tough opponent on the mats.  If it’s freezing cold, it must be wrestling season.  Time to come on out and watch these guys prove why they were state champs last year!  As they say in these parts:  “See you at the wrestles”.  Way to go Taz!

One of the more beautiful sights in our neighborhood – and there are many all of which remind us of why we live here rather than closer to WalMart! – is the scene as you descend Peter’s Hill. 

Dry Valley with its red rocked rims and La Sal Mountain backdrop can be seen in all their various guises of lights and shadows, pinks, reds, purples and browns.  The scene changes by the season and even by the day’s weather.

Last week “The Mountain” was once again reflecting pink in the winter’s sunset.  This can only occur when the mountain is clothed in white.  It has been sadly bare of late.  Welcome back snow!

One sight that chills the heart is the cherry red flash of emergency vehicles on official business. 

My commuting companions and I followed one such vehicle into our village last week.  The ambulance joined several other emergency responders at the home of Mark Sheets, who was suffering complications from several days of the flu.  At reporting time, Mark was still in the hospital in Grand Junction but has stabilized and hopes to be headed home in a day or so.  He has been in our prayers.

If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet – you have one week left until Christmas Eve. 

If I don’t see you at the wrestles I’ll see you at La Sal E. on Thursday.

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