Food Truck now open in La Sal

After much anticipation, the promised food truck is now open at La Sal Central a.k.a. E’s Store.  It is called Studebaker Station – home of spuds and studs.  
The fare includes burgers, both single patty and double as well as a “Bird Basket” which includes three chicken tenders.  
All three items include fries.  These are not just your frozen throw them in hot oil fries.  These are the real deal, starting out on site as a whole potato which is then sliced and diced into a fry before hitting the hot oil.  
The days and hours of operation are Wednesday through Saturday from 3 to 8 p.m.  The eatery has gotten good reviews from local folks.  Prices are very reasonable.  So come on out and let someone else cook dinner without having to go into town.
It’s that time of year – Spring.  With only a couple of weeks or less of school, it is time for field trips.  The kiddos at La Sal Elemetary are no exception.  They recently traveled to Dead Horse Point to enjoy the views and have a fun time out and about.  
Accompanying them were a few of the moms to help keep the young’uns corralled and safe.  Don’t want anyone getting to close a view of the canyon bottom.   
The end of the year “strut your stuff” program is soon upcoming.
Mother’s Day featured a community potluck at the LDS Church.  These events usually bring out a goodly crowd of local folks.  Oh, and there is no shortage of food.  Nothing like good old down-home cooking to celebrate Mom.  
I’m guessing everyone had a great time and hopefully even made a new friend or two, you know, a typical La Sal social event. If you go home hungry or without a new friend, you really have to work at it.
Get your earplugs out now as this Saturday, May 20 is the world famous, redneck, not necessarily annual La Sal Dynamite Shoot.  It goes from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. in West La Sal at the Rattle Ranch.  
Bring your own rifle.  The cost is $2.00 for two shots.  If you make things go KABOOM! you take home half the pot.  There will be concessions available at noon.  
The event also includes a rifle raffle (say that real fast 10 times).  The prize is a Traditions Stalker muzzle loading rifle.  You need not be present to win nor is a background check required.
For more information call Kristl Johnson at 435-260-0861.  This is a fundraiser for our local volunteer fire department.
I’ve often done shout-outs for our local fire department and EMTs, all of whom are volunteers.  These folks have testing to do to qualify for some duties and often do them at their own expense.  
I just don’t think there are enough ways to thank these folks for what they do and for their dedication and the giving of their time. So, on a more personal note, here are my kudos to these folks.
Last week, while I was vying for the “Stupid of the Year Award”, three of these EMTs were dispatched after a 911 call to Monticello.  They came in quick response and did a thorough evaluation and assessment.  The verdict, get myself to the ER ASAP.  
The sad thing about our local emergency folks is they are not approved to transport patients, even though they have an ambulance.  Ergo, transport must be dispatched from Monticello.  
In this case, a private vehicle ride was sufficient.  Bottom line, I can’t thank these folks (who are also good personal friends) enough for their quick and thorough and efficient carrying out of their duties.
Please vote for me for Stupid of the year.

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