Unaffiilated voters can participate in March 3 Super Tuesday primary

March 3 is the day that Utahns will participate in the Super Tuesday Primary election in the race for President of the United States.

San Juan County Clerk John David Nielson has sent letters to the 2,564 voters in the county who are not affiliated with a specific party, informing them how they can participate in the Super Tuesday primary.

Super Tuesday ballots will not be mailed to unaffiliated voters, but they can participate in the primary by going to a polling location on Election Day or during the early voting period and affiliate or request a ballot in person. 

Election day polling locations will be open in Montezuma Creek, Oljato, Navajo Mountain, and Monticello.

Before the election, early voting stations will be available in Montezuma Creek, Oljato, Bluff, and Monticello.

Unaffiilated voters who want to participate in the Republican primary will need to fill out a form to affiliate with the Republican Party, while voters wanting to participate in the Democrat primary do not need to affiliate with the party. 

Vote by mail ballots will be sent to the approximately 1,806 voters who affiliate with the Democratic party, and to the 2,789 voters who affiliate with the Republican party.

Voters who want to change from one party to another will need to act by February 3 in order to change their affiliation. If a voter is already affiliated with a party, they cannot make that change on March 3.

Of 7,421 active voters in San Juan County, 1,806 affiliate with the Democratic party and 2,789 affiliate with the Republican party.

Nielson reports that “a few hundred” of the letters sent by his office have come back with instructions regarding party affiliation for the voter.

Candidates in the Democratic field include Vice President Joe Biden; Senators Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Michael Bennet; Representative Tulsi Gabbard; Governor Deval Patrick; Mayors Pete Buttigieg and Michael Bloomberg; Utah resident Nathan Bloxham; billionaire Tom Steyer; entrepreneur Andrew Yang; and businessman Roque De La Fuente.

Withdrawn candidates may still appear on the ballot because county clerks have already started working with printers.

Candidates in the Republican field include President Donald Trump, Representative Joe Walsh;, Governor Bill Weld; businessman Robert Ardini; Attorney Matthew John Matern; and entrepreneur Bob Ely.

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