Trump and Sanders top Super Tuesday primary

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders earned the highest number of votes in a primary election held in San Juan County on March 3.
Thousands of San Juan County residents participated in Utah’s first ever Super Tuesday Presidential Primary. The 2,925 votes cast from San Juan County represent more than 38 percent of the active voters in the county.
While interest was focused on the results of the Democrat primary, Republican President Donald Trump won the vast majority of votes.
Trump earned 1,651 votes in the Republican primary, far outdistancing the six challengers for the Republican nod. In fact, Trump earned more votes than all the candidates combined in the Democrat primary.
Bernie Sanders was the overall winner in the Democrat primary, both in San Juan County and in Utah. Sanders earned 487 votes, or 42.68 percent of the Democrat votes, to outpace second-place finisher Joseph Biden, who earned 207 votes.
It was a closed primary for the Republican race, meaning only registered Republicans could vote. The Democrat primary was open to all voters who did not vote in the Republican race.

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