New access road for the Hole in the Rock trail

A new access road has been announced to the Hole in the Rock trail in the rugged back country of west central San Juan County. The trail marks the route the initial Anglo settlers took on their way to San Juan County. It is popular with recreationists and back country explorers.

After several major rainstorms in 2006, the old trail through Lake Canyon was severely washed out. Officials state that the current trail in this area will eventually disappear. The county and Bureau of Land Management worked together to create the new access road.

A Title V right-of-way has been approved by the BLM, making the new road eligible for travel. The new access to the Hole in the Rock trail starts on B road 2131 which is approximately 3.5 miles east of the prior turnoff at the Cal Black Airport on State Highway 276.

The Utah Department of Transportation will eventually have a sign at the intersection marking it as “Hole-In-The-Rock Access.”

This B road is approximately two miles long, and intersects with B road 261, which is also called Nokai Dome road. A sign at this intersection will also indicate the way to go.

Several miles down B261, (at the intersection of B2511 and B261), you will want to continue south down Nokai Dome road. To people familiar with the area, this is also where an old half-track is sitting.

About 5.9 miles south of the half-track, you will want to turn on to a “D” road marked by an access sign. D roads are generally not signed by the county, so you will want to look for the access signs.

Because of weather or for other reasons, signs may not be completely visible. As a result, you will want to have a good idea of the area before beginning your trip.

From the beginning of this “D” road, you will go approximately another 4.1 miles to where you will intersect another “D” road and see another sign directing you to the north.

This road is a rugged 1.9 miles and intersects the Hole in the Rock trail at a point just over two miles south of the Lake Pagahrit turnoff.

At this point, you will see a sign pointing south to Hole in the Rock or north to Lake Canyon. Officials urge travelers to be cautious when traveling along this trail.

Travelers should not be alone and always come prepared with shovels, water, etc. just in case.

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