Nelson Yellowman

Candidate for San Juan School District Board of Education
Ya’a’t’e’e’h, Greetings, my name is Nelson Yellowman and I am running for the third term as member of San Juan School District Board of Education.
I was raised in this county and have been a resident all my life. Currently I reside in the fifth district, which covers Mexican Hat, Monument Valley, Oljato and Navajo Mountain. It has been my honor to represent these schools and others across the district. I would like to continue to advocate for our most precious students.
As a parent, participating in my children’s education in San Juan schools was important, as well as working with the following committee’s: Title VII Parent Advisory( Federal Program), Johnson O” Molley Indian Education (Federal Program), PTA (National Parent Organization), School Community Council, and School Board Officer (Board President).
My two children are well supported by two parents and entrusted San Juan School District to educate them. They were successfully completed high school and higher education. This is the type of educational support I would like for all students to have so they can be productive citizens.
Students need to meet test scores and be college ready. Our students are being challenged by new State and Federal mandates which raise the bar. Academics is the most important areas and that is why I encourage parents to help each child’s studies. We need to visit our welcoming and warm schools and help classroom teachers as well.
I support the recommendations to improve quality teaching and ongoing Professional Development for teachers and staff. Parents, you are the first teacher at home. Please continue.
In the past eight years, we have spent millions of dollars for your child’s education so they could have enjoyable, safe learning environment. The District has no debt, thanks to our board members and business office. They know how to run educational business.
My constituents, I acknowledge you for the many accomplishments you have made with me. Please look back at the things we have accomplished, starting with capital improvements and more on the horizon at other locations.
These include help to design a new state-of-the-art school with a Navajo name “Tes’bii’nizisgai Elementary School”, new teacher housing at MV, remodeled apartments on MV campus, new bleachers in the gymnasium and floor decal, and remodel the high school with new lighting, ceiling and roof covering.
Luckily Navajo Mountain High School facility is in good shape and doesn’t need any improvements. We have beautiful buildings at magnificent locations. More families should take advantage of these schools and enroll their children.
Having a dual citizenship, United States and Navajo Nation, gives me double empowerment. This also provides me with good relationship with local leaders of county government and Navajo Nation.
Public schools operate on taxpayer, Utah State and Federal monies. I always make sure my designated areas get equal services, no matter the funding. I always report back to my board members and Chapters. I want to thank the San Juan County Commissioners and our Navajo Nation Council member.
Monument Valley High School has a turn lane with the repaving project. Improved bus routes from dirt to gravel on Douglas Mesa and hopefully a road to Navajo Mountain from Oljato. Navajo Nation Council Delegate Jonathan Nez helped to negotiate the cross commissioning of the San Juan County Sheriff deputies to make our schools safe for students. Delegate Nez listens to his voters including myself. We are committed to work together and support education.
This should enlighten you of my proven accountability, leadership, strengths and honesty. My position remains the same. I first took the oath of office eight years ago and am willing to work even harder. Get involved in your child’s education and keep in mind it is all for the best interest of each student. We need to work together and get each school where they need to be.
I thank you and ask for your vote to re-elect me so we can keep progressing together.
Ahe’hee’ (Thank you)
Nelson Yellowman

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