Nearly 220 diplomas to be presented at graduation services at high schools

Nearly 220 local high school students will receive their diplomas as the San Juan School District closes another school year.
The graduation season began on May 21 when 12 students earned diplomas from Navajo Mountain High School. Deidra Jensen is the valedictorian of the school’s tenth graduating class. Arlo Knight was the guest speaker.
Whitehorse High School presented diplomas to 43 students at graduation exercises on May 22. The valedictorian is Arianna C’Ceal Ben and the salutatorian is Brianna L. Bylily. Guest speaker at the graduation is Holly Billie.
Graduation services continue this week, beginning this evening (Wednesday, May 26) at Monticello High School. Valedictorians Kendyl Boyd and Kara Rogers, and salutatorian Janessa Bowring, will lead the 47 students who will receive diplomas. The guest speaker is Kent Adair.
The ceremony begins at 7 p.m. at the high school auditorium. Visitors will be able to see the completed “million penny project” at the school. Local students have gathered a million pennies in a project that has helped in the construction of a new swimming pool and other projects in the community.
An estimated 83 seniors will graduate from San Juan High School in Blanding in services set to begin at 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 27. Services are in the high school auditorium in Blanding.
The guest speaker for the event is Bill Sivert. Students who will be honored for a cumulative grade point average above 3.9 include: Peyton Black, Natasha Bleak, Brooke Bowring, Spencer Bradford, Jesse Grover, Lizz Hurst, Megan Macdonald, Drew Nielson, Nache Nielson, Kara Redd, Benjamin Royer, Alyssa Simpson and Alisha Tate.
The final graduation service will be held on Friday, May 28, when 33 students will receive diplomas from Monument Valley High School. James Bilagoody is the guest speaker for the services, which will begin at 2 p.m. in the high school gymnasium.
The valedictorian for the graduating class is Brenna Lee. The salutatorian is Von Drew Denny.
In addition to the students who will graduate, a number of long-time employees are retiring from the school district. They were honored at the May 19 school board meeting.
Tamra Lyman has worked for the school district during portions of six decades, beginning in 1969. She completes her work while working in the at-risk program.
Katy Carson began working in the school district in 1975. Janice Ames began in 1985. Katy and Janice complete their careers at the Bluff School.
Elaine Johnson and Evangeline James began their careers in the school district in 1971. They finish their careers at Blanding Elementary School, Johnson as a first grade teacher and James as a second grade teacher.
Dennis Crane has worked for the school district since 1991. He served as principal at Monticello High School and as a district administrator.
Tami Halls retires after a 34-year career. She worked at Monticello High for several years and as district payroll clerk.
LaRae Fullmer has worked at the Blue Mountain Academy in the San Juan County jail for a number of years. She retires after 23 years.
Hollie Sanford retires from the district after a 27-year career. She completes her service as a special education aide at Albert R. Lyman Middle School in Blanding.
Betty Ann Norton has worked at Whitehorse High School since the school opened in 1978. She retires, after 32 years of work, as the food service manager at the school.

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