Nathan Chamberlain

Monticello City Council
Hello fellow Monticello residents! My name is Nathan Chamberlain and I would like to serve YOU my fellow community members as a member of the Monticello City Council. My family and I have lived in this beautiful community for the past 11 years and have been privileged to interact with so many wonderful members of this area. I would like to offer my assistance in helping this community grow and continue being the wonderful place it has been.
My wife, Ramona, and I have four children. Bryson will be a senior at MHS and Olivia will be attending as a seventh grader. Cambree begins third grade and Rebecca kindergarten at MES. I am a Vocational Teacher at Monticello High School teaching courses such as Woodworking, Driver Education, and Architectural Design. I enjoy teaching and working with the youth in our area. I have been involved with the Golf Committee for the past four years and chairperson of the committee for the past three. Monticello has much to offer and I would like the opportunity to help make Monticello an even more inviting place to live as well as do business.
Capitalizing on our beautiful surroundings and making Monticello a destination will help the city maintain and possibly increase what the city can offer its residents. Working with the county and surrounding communities I feel we can maximize the return of our investments in bringing more revenue into our area. I feel that I am approachable and willing to listen to anyone who has concerns and hopefully together we can come to a positive solution for issues that we face as a city.
If elected I am committed to the city of Monticello and serving in this capacity.

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