Monticello city council updates garbage code and hears golf report

by David Boyle
News Director
Members of the Monticello City Council updated the city garbage code and received a year-end golf report at their latest meeting.
At the October 24 meeting members of the council received a report from Hideout Golf Pro Jeff Simon. While a late winter delayed the course opening by 20 days Simon reported that the course caught up and surpassed numbers from the previous year. Simon added the budgeted numbers have improved since 2021 and 2022.
“I love seeing the progress we’ve made at the golf course, it’s been significant, so I see us really moving forward next year taking it forward to even a higher level.”
Among the highlights were a full tournament schedule, and larger participation in junior clinics including good participation from Blanding and Dove Creek.
While the course did raise green fees for non-locals Simon reported that the raise in pricing wasn’t enough. As part of addressing that Simon spoke with the council about dynamic pricing for the upcoming years, with fees being slightly higher during certain busier weekends such as the 24th of July, 4th of July, and other days.
Also presented at the meeting was the need for new equipment. Simon presented two leasing options, and recommended an option that would see the lease rate higher by a few hundred dollars but would allow the city to purchase the equipment for $1 at the conclusion of a five-year lease.
The second Annual Founders tournament held in early fall also raised about $8,000 dollars for the course to use as it sees fit, Simon noted those funds could go towards the needed equipment upgrades including green, fairway and rough mowers.
Members of the council gave verbal approval for the dynamic pricing and a vote of confidence in the lease plan of Simon’s choosing as part of the city budgeting process.
Members of the city council also approved the 400-page multi-jurisdictional hazard mitigation plan. The plan was developed by the county and sets out to identify the county’s hazards as well as solutions to reduce threat to life and property.
The plan was adopted by the county commission at its previous meeting and is being adopted by city and town councils across the county.
Members of the Monticello city council also adopted a city employee equipment use policy. The policy states that the use of City equipment or tools for private purposes (such as personal use or gain) is strictly prohibited. However, reasonable use of City tools and equipment to protect property and preserve life is authorized but requires immediate notification to the City Manager and/or Direct Supervisor.
While approving the policy council members and city administrative staff clarified that disciplinary actions for the use of city equipment will vary based on the value of the equipment used, for example, the use of a city hammer would not see the same disciplinary measures as the use of a city vehicle or generator.
Members of the council approved the updated policy unanimously.
At the meeting members of the council also approved the appointment of Jasmine Nielson as a city deputy recorder to aid with recorder duties in the office. Nielson was administered the oath of office following the appointment.
Members of the council also continued discussions revolving around a proposed policy to clean up vacant businesses on Center and Main Street. Council member Kim Henderson first presented the idea at the previous city council meeting. Henderson researched efforts in other Utah cities where vacant properties require registration with fees assessed to properties that are hazardous, some cities also charge lower fees for unoccupied buildings that maintain their appearance.
As part of the discussion members of the council discussed the need to make sure the policy is enforceable. The council also discussed the idea to include maintenance of vacant lots along with vacant buildings as part of the code.
City manager Kaeden Kulow planned to bring a first draft of the code at an upcoming November meeting.
Members of the council also passed an update to the city garbage and refuse code. 
Among the updates approved included fees for illegally dumping garbage in someone else receptacle, fines for moving large dumpsters out of designated areas, a requirement to bag garbage to help prevent scattering of litter as well as an updated list of unacceptable waste to be placed in polycarts including yard waste, construction waste, paint, mattresses, appliances, and lithium and lead acid batteries among others. Members of the council approved the updated code.

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