Monticello city approves water rate, sets aiport FBO

By Joe Boyle
Staff Writer
The Monticello City Council lowered secondary water rates and entered a contract for a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) at the city airport at their April,11 meeting. 
The plentiful winter experienced in San Juan County has led the city to lower secondary water use rates to a green stage one. The city tentatively plans to have secondary water turned on by April 24.
The City still encourages citizens to be frugal and fair with secondary water use to avoid the need for restrictions further down the line.
The city plans to produce waterwise campaigning alongside the announcement of the lowered rates. See the ads on pages B2 and B3.
There was also a brief discussion of applying for a water conservation grant to help the city avoid dire situations in the future.
Pending a review by a civil attorney, the City also unanimously approved an agreement to make Arthur Elliot of NorthEast Planes and Aviation the FBO of the city airport, making them responsible for upkeep of the airport. 
The first year of the contract the City will pay Elliot $2,000 a month for the general upkeep of the airport and $1,000 a month in year two. 
Elliot is said to have “big plans” which will likely see another fuel tank built and possibly even a new hanger.
Elliot also has plans for operating summer air tours as well as air taxi services.
Mayor Bayley Hedglin stated her support and excitement for the project and also pointed out the flexibility in the contract.
Hedglin said, “If at any point either [the City or Elliot] sees this isn’t working out, it’s a contract, so we can rescind it.”
During public comment, the Council also heard from Joel Brown, the Eastern Utah director for Senator Mike Lee. Brown simply introduced himself and gave contact information to the Council.
The new boiler is installed and running at the Monticello City Swimming Pool. Members of the council voiced support for a free swim day to make up to the community for the pool being out of commission, but City Manager Kaeden Kulow fears the pool may not have the capacity for that.  A free swim voucher day or a free refreshment day was also proposed and seemed to be the more likely option.

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