Monticello residents pay highest property tax in San Juan County

Ten separate taxing entities contribute to the property tax bill paid by San Juan County residents.
The highest property tax rates in the county are paid by the residents of Monticello. Combining the county and local assessments, Monticello residents pay $1,418.76 in property tax on a $150,000 home.
Residents of Blanding pay a similar amount, with the property tax on a $150,000 home totaling $1,409.49.
The Deseret News recently compared the property taxes in municipalities throughout the state. The comparison looked at the taxes paid at the median home price in the community.
In that report, the total property tax faced by Blanding and Monticello residents are not in the highest fifty communities in the state.
The total property tax paid by a general county resident living outside of a municipality is $1,170.09 on a $150,000 home.
The amount of tax extracted by the various taxing entities varies widely. The San Juan School District takes the largest chunk of the property tax assessment. The school district collects $706.59 on a home valued at $150,000.
Many Spanish Valley residents who live in the Grand School District pay $564.66 on a home valued at $150,000.
The San Juan School District tax rate is near the state average of the 41 school districts in the state.
Property taxes are assessed annually and are due at the end of November each year. Valuations are determined in June of each year.

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