Get the L out of there

We hope you enjoy Alene Laney’s story about the COVID-19 relief efforts.  We decided to pick just one of the dozens of impressive and heartwarming efforts to help those who are struggling through this pandemic.

• • • • •

After 25 years in the newspaper business, I have learned that one of the quickest ways to get in trouble is to misspell a name.

More than 110 years ago, Loyd Young was named. That is Loyd with one L, not the more typical Lloyd.

Loyd went on to have a successful life, with a career with the National Geological Survey in Washington D.C.

He and his wife Zoie retired to Monticello, where they enjoyed playing golf and were instrumental in the construction of a large reservoir in the hills above town.

The reservoir, Loyds Lake, was named after Loyd when it was dedicated in 1986.

However, people are almost compelled to add a second L to the name.

It appears that the transformation is official in some circles. Lloyds Lake has been adopted by a variety of groups, including Google and USGS Maps.

When new wayside maps were installed in Monticello (see the story on A5), Lloyds Lake is an area attraction.

I guess it was inevitable. It certainly is no disrespect to Loyd or his efforts, but I am sure some people will still want “to get the L out of there.”

• • • • •

Now, don’t get us started on whether it should be possessive. Is it Loyds, Loyd’s, Lloyds, or Lloyd’s?

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