Monticello creates organization to hold Rec funds

The Monticello City Council unanimously voted to approve the separation of the “parent fund” from the City of Monticello and allow it to be run through a 501-C3 non-profit organization. 
The issue was discussed in previous council meetings. The council had requested a copy of the non-profit’s by-laws before approving the separation.  The by-laws were presented and reviewed by the council prior to the meeting. 
The parent fund is run by the city recreation committee and receives money collected from the baseball park concession stand, ball park business-sponsored signage and business sponsorship of teams. The fund was established in order to ensure that money collected from recreation programs would be used to benefit recreation rather than be absorbed into the city general fund.
The fund has been kept in a city bank account.  The change comes at the recommendation of city auditors, who see no problem with the recreation committee collecting and using the money for recreation programs, but recommended that the account be separated entirely from the city.
The council asked that an annual report be given by the group to ensure things are going well with team sponsorships and business involvement is continuing.
If the council feels the partnership is not working, they have the authority to no longer allow the parent fund to use the concession facility and collect money from programs. 
Assistant City Manager Greg Westfall said the members of the parent fund are involved and interested in helping youth benefit from recreation programs and see them grow within the city.
Councilman Scott Shakespeare said the parent group is able to make money because they work hard and are aggressive in doing things to make sure it works. Westfall said the group gave $10,000 toward the building of the swimming pool.
Councilman Brad Randall expressed concern over the recreation board members also being the members of the 501-C3 parent fund and the possibility of “muddy waters” between the administration of recreation funds from the city budget, as well as the funds they are collecting under the 501-C3. 
Westfall said the recreation committee can recommend where city money is spent, but all expenditures are at the approval of the City Council.  The council felt the parent group does many good things for the recreation programs and does a lot of good for the community. The council expressed thanks to the recreation committee members for their service.
The Council unanimously approved the renewal of the 7th District Juvenile Courts annual contract for clean-up and other work throughout the city. 
Deputy Probation Officer Art Adair presented the contract for approval and told the council this will be the tenth year the city and juvenile court work crew have been in partnership.
The contract involves work at Loyds Lake and the Southeastern Utah Welcome Center, in addition to other projects as requested by the City.
The contract is paid at $500 per month from May through August, with money going into a state fund benefiting the 7th District Juvenile Restitution program. The program allows youth to work off court-ordered community service hours. 
Mayor Doug Allen said the partnership is very worthwhile and a bargain to the city. Adair told the council the youth enjoy doing projects within the city and are happy to help with anything they can.
Allen said, “I’m glad we can help out the kids and help you help the kids.” Allen praised Adair for his work with the youth in the program.
Keith Clark, representing the Monticello Chamber of Commerce, presented the council with information on the first annual Kite Festival sponsored by the Chamber.  The event will be held on Saturday, May 21 at Monticello Elementary School.  Clark encourages all community members, regardless of age, to come out and fly a kite.
The governing body was told participants are encouraged to build their own kites, but store bought kites are welcome as well.  Organizers are hopeful for a good turnout at this first event.
Clark said they are seeking the donation of coupons from local businesses to give as prizes. Councilman Scott Shakespeare said seventh grade students at Monticello High School recently built kites for a class, and it was very successful.
In other business, the council appointed Stephanie Hayes as the Deputy City Recorder.  
The council also heard a report from Westfall regarding the Federal Aviation Administration final inspection of the new airport.
There are a few electrical issues and some tack sealing that needs to be done before final approval can be given to open the new airport. He estimates that the necessary items should be fixed within a week or two. However, there are also concerns with the fuel hose and location of the fuel tank. 
Westfall said the engineers placed the tank by FAA regulations. Councilman Craig Leavitt asked about the walkway to access the tank, who will clear snow in the winter, and how trucks will fill the tank without driving across the sidewalk.
The city is discussing possible solutions with the engineering company on the issues.

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