Monticello approves funding priorities

by Anna Adair
The Monticello City Council approved two applications to the Community Impact Board during their meeting last Tuesday night.
The first project approved is for a community center/golf pro shop. The total project cost is $1.55 million, of which the city intends to provide $600,000 in cash and in-kind donations. The are asking for a $177,000, zero percent interest loan and the remainder in grant.
The city plans to repay the loan using revenue from renting the facility and added revenue at the golf course.
City Manager Kelly Pehrson stated that there is a big need in Monticello for a public meeting facility for local groups, and they hope to see increased tourism as well.
The building plans are not set in stone but are planned for a 7,000 square foot building that will hold up to 225 people. Pehrson stated there is a draft plan for the building that includes a small 100 square foot pro shop and a nice place to serve food.
“I think it will be an awesome asset for everyone,” said Pehrson.
Councilman Scott Shakespeare stated he gets calls all the time as principal of the high school with people seeking meeting space.
The second project is for equipment including a police car, sewer machine and vacuum truck, new public works pick-up truck, roller, and fire equipment (turnouts) that was approved in a previous meeting.  
The grant request is for $86,250 with a cash and in-kind match of $75,000 and an $11,200 grant from the USDA for the police car.  
City’s cash match will come from individual departments. Pehrson stated they have $218,000 in the water depreciation fund and other funds can pay back that money. He told the council that spending $75,000 to get $180,000 would be nice for the city.
The city hopes with the 50 percent match they can get all the funding they are asking for in grant rather than loan. Pehrson stated that the CIB is always glad when they try to find other sources of funding.
In other business, the council received a request from the 6th grade city recreation football team to allow 7th grade football players to join their team for the remaining two games of the season.
The council had previously approved upholding a school district policy to not allow 7th grade students to play both city league and Jr. High football. Assistant City Manager Greg Westfall stated that the Monticello 6th graders play against 7th graders from other towns and were aware of this prior to the start of the season.
There has been a request by Coach Randy LaRose and some parents of 6th grade players to include the 7th graders as now their season of Jr. High with the school is complete.
Councilman Scott Shakespeare objected because this would be telling the youth that “we are going to try to win at all costs” by bringing in other players to try to win the last two games. 
Councilman Brad Randall agreed and felt the city has already stated the players would have to make a choice between city league and Jr. High, which has already been done.
He stated that if they were to allow them to play, they should pay the entire city fee even for just two games. Following the discussion, the council decided unanimously to uphold their previous decision and not allow the 7th grade students to play city recreation if they have chosen to play Jr. High football.
The council also voted to approve a resolution of intent to annex two parcels of property owned by Rocky Mountain Power on the East side of Monticello.
Assistant City Manager Westfall stated that the parcels are currently part of the annexation zone. Now there will be letters sent to affected entities, followed by three weeks of advertising and a public hearing before the property can be officially annexed.

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