Montezuma Creek celebrates the groundbreaking of new Family Dollar

The Montezuma Creek community came together on January 25 to celebrate the groundbreaking of Family Dollar.
According to Utah State Treasurer David Damschen, who serves as chair of the Utah Navajo Trust Fund Board of Trustees, UNTF recently sold an acre of land to allow for the construction of the store. The Trust Fund owns approximately 15 acres in the area. 
“This transaction will provide significant benefits to Navajos and other residents of the Montezuma Creek area,” said Damschen. “Family Dollar offers a myriad of useful products, such as food and clothing, that locals currently have to travel half an hour to access.
“Additionally, the extension of utilities to the site will enhance the surrounding area and make it easier to develop other property the Trust Fund owns.
“This kind of economic development ultimately raises living standards and creates jobs.”
Construction is estimated to take between six and eight months, with a goal to complete the project this summer. Footings were poured on January 26.
“We are grateful for the collaboration that occurred to make this project possible and are excited for the new Family Dollar in Montezuma Creek,” said Greg Wall, senior project manager for Leading Tech Development – the developer and general contractor for the Montezuma Creek Family Dollar project. “We believe it will be a valuable asset to the community.”
Montezuma Creek is part of the Navajo Reservation in San Juan County, located in southeastern Utah.
The Montezuma Creek Family Dollar will be one of the company’s larger stores.
UNTF is guaranteed first right of refusal if the property were ever to go up for sale and first right of rescission if the construction of Family Dollar were to fall through.

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