Miss San Juan pageant set to return

For many years, San Juan County, along with many other local and national organizations, held what was known as beauty pageants.
These pageants showcased many young women in the community in areas such as beauty, talent, stage presence, and body composition, including a runway walk in a swimsuit.
Today we are fortunate enough to have evolved in celebrating these young women through who they are as a person instead of focusing on beauty alone.
San Juan County has changed the title of their pageant to a scholarship pageant, emphasizing the scholarship reward the girls are given in addition to the crown.
Organizers love to see the talents and skills that these young women have, in addition to their inner and outer beauty. The San Juan County Scholarship Pageant is open to all single young women from the ages of 17 to 24. They must be a San Juan County resident, be available to volunteer time at the San Juan County Fair in August, and ride in the Blanding Independence Day and Monticello Pioneer Day parades.
In past years, the winner of the Miss San Juan crown was sent to the Utah State Fair to compete at the state level with other county royalty from around the state. The winner of that pageant was then sent to Miss Utah and so on.
Approximately four years ago, the State Fair discontinued their pageant and therefore San Juan no longer has a pageant to send our queen to. As a result, the commitment of the royalty is completed after the San Juan County Fair.
The Miss San Juan pageant is composed and judged on three main categories. First, interview with the judges. This interview is held earlier during the day of the pageant. The judges meet with each of the contestants individually and ask them a series of questions that will help the judges understand a little more about them.
That evening, the contestants perform an opening dance number as a group that is for fun and is not judged. After the opening number, they each perform an individual talent for the judges and audience.
The final category is Evening Wear, in which the contestants walk the stage and answer an impromptu question pre-composed by either the judges themselves or the pageant directors. There is no swimsuit category as it is unnecessary for the pageant goals.
The group has a lot of fun with the young women that enter the pageant. Unfortunately the past several years have turned up very few numbers, and they have not been able to hold the pageant as scheduled.
Organizers would love to see a record number of talented young women enjoy this experience together in 2012. They know of the talent that San Juan County has bottled up and hope that they can share that talent and beauty with everyone.
The date set for the pageant this year is Friday, June 8. For applications, email the fair board at sjcfair@yahoo.com and turn them into JoAnna Bethea at 987 N 100 W in Blanding or the fair office at the San Juan County Fair grounds. Applications are due May 4, 2012.
Just to recap –
All young women from the age of 17 to 21 are eligible
The pageant will be held on Friday, June 8, 2012
The Categories are:1. Interview, 2. Talent, 3. Evening Wear and Impromptu Question (No swimsuit).
Scholarship monies will be awarded after the commitment of parades and volunteer services at the Fair are completed
Here is what some of the past contestants have to say about the Miss San Juan County Scholarship Pageant:
“I really enjoyed the pageant and had a great time helping with activities that proceeded. It was a great opportunity to serve and to learn a lot from leaders who put activities and big events together.
“The parades were fun and I enjoyed interacting with little kids. I was able to use my scholarship money for college expenses and it really helped out.
“I look back on the memories from the pageant as fun and well worth it. I am glad that I tried out for Miss San Juan and hope to see the tradition of having a pageant continue.”
– Janessa (Bowring) Proctor
“Being involved in the Miss San Juan pageant is a memory that I can never forget. Some of you might be thinking it’s just a pageant like we see on TV, but I’m here to tell you it’s not.
“Throughout the course of the pageant preparation I was able to work with girls that I didn’t know very well. This was great for me, because I was able to expand my circle of friends. I learned things from each of these ladies that I consider to be great qualities and I still strive to be more like each of them.
“Involving myself with the Miss San Juan pageant only made me a better individual. To all of you out there who are pondering the idea of involving yourself in the pageant, take that leap of faith and go for it! You will not regret it for one second.”
– Kara Redd
“Running for Miss San Juan was a lot of fun and even though nerve racking, so worth it! I enjoyed representing San Juan County and being involved with the Fair activities. The prize money sure came in handy that year at college.
“The Miss San Juan Pageant is an event in my life that I will always remember.”
– Haven (Webb) Andelin

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