Local runners claim cross country honors

This time of year, deer season, Bucks don’t often run in packs, except, of course, for the Monticello High School boys cross country team, who took pack running to the extreme last week, easily winning the state 1A high school cross country championship on October 19. 
Collin Hatch, as he has all season, led the pack of Bucks with an all-state performance, finishing in ninth place.  He was followed by five more Buckaroos within 30 seconds, giving the Bucks the championship with 47 points.  Second is Bryce Valley with 85 points. 
Kelland Brewer, a senior, was second for the Bucks and tenth overall, just two seconds behind Hatch, a junior.  Senior Dallin Anderson also gave his all in his last race to finish 12th, 16 seconds after Hatch.
Then the clinchers: freshmen Sheldon Black and Jens Brewer and sophomore Easton Nielson finished 15th, 17th and 18th.  Tanner Eardley finished 26th overall for the state champs, the first boys cross country championship for the Bucks in ten years. 
The San Juan girls ran admirably, with a solid second place finish in 2011 for the third year in a row behind first time winner Rowland Hall. 
Brielle Francom was the first Lady Bronco to finish, coming in 11th, followed by Makenzie Ward in 14th, Kendra Parker (19), Kelli Meyer (34), Katrisa Ward (37) and Brittany Bleak and Kira Simpson (45 & 46). 
San Juan boys, second in 2010, did excellently as well, grabbing third place in 2A boys, just five points behind the second place team, Rowland Hall. 
Jade Grover finished in ninth place, followed by Cole Chamberlain (19), Brandon Deschene (24), Dallin Jacobsen (26), Chase Chamberlain (26), Christian Sherrow (44), and Isaac Morley (53).
Monticello girls, sporting  four freshmen, placed fifth for the second year in a row. 
One of those freshmen, Bailey Goodwine, reached the medal stand with a tenth place finish.  Freshmen Cambria Welch (18) and Elena Mitchell (36) both ran well as did Brittany Keith (38), Ashley Hoggard (39), Shelby Lewis (43) and Kaitlin Clark (48).
Volleyball culminates
State tournaments in volleyball are this week for the Bucks and Broncos. 
Monticello, behind two tough matches against San Juan and Grand, enter the 1A tournament with a glossy 18-3 record, a region championship and ranked second in 1A. 
San Juan finished second in Region 15 and have a 19-10 overall record.
Football news
Monticello blasted Milford Wednesday night in Monticello, 47-15 in a preview of their quarterfinal matchup in the 1A tournament.  Milford returns to Monticello Friday or Saturday in the quarterfinal matchup. 
Milford proved no match for the Bucks the first go around, but should be much more difficult to beat a week later, after having some time to prepare and seen the Bucks in action.  
Milford is 2-8 on the year while the Buckaroos finished the regular season at 8-2.
San Juan had a bye week, waiting for the North Summit to cream Kanab for the right to play the Broncos.
The Broncos are nearly invincible in quarterfinal matchups in Blanding, 28-2 to be exact.   Similarly, the Broncos sport a 40-2 record over the last four years. 
Coach Monty Lee commented on the bye week, injuries, the record, and his team in general:  “The bye is the play-in week. I didn’t like the week off at first, but I now really appreciate it because it gives us a chance to heal up and try and get our legs back under us.
“The injuries will hopefully take care of themselves. Logan Meyer missed the Grand and Beaver games, but we have a motto that we live by on this football team “No Excuses – No Regrets” it has been with us from the first day this coaching staff came together.
“We do not let our kids think about ‘What If’. We play the cards we are dealt and do the best to adjust and adapt to the situation at the time. So if we have those that have been injured back it is icing on the cake; if not we will do the best we can and not look back.
“42 – 2? I had no idea,but it has been so much fun. I have made some great friends, had some great experiences, walked among great coaches and players and developed a tremendous appreciation for the journey. I think the journey is more important than the final destination.
“You learn about character, dedication, commitment and love along the road you travel. That is where we have picked up a love and respect for the game and you can’t be successful without that being part of the equation.
“The foundation has to be great coaches, which I have the best, good kids that want to be better today than they were yesterday, parents that are willing to love and support their sons, and a community that opens their arms and help pick us up when we fall and remind us it is just a game.
“Believe me when I say I am the lucky one to have been here at this particular time in life and most know I am the one that is being carried by so many.
Academic All-State
Monticello students on academic all state teams include Adam Black in football; Dallin Anderson in cross country; and Allyson Anderson in volleyball
San Juan students on the list include Juanita Royer, Cortney Macdonald and Lacey Hook in tennis; and Mckenzie Ward, Kendra Parker, Kelli Anne Meyer, Wheeler Heck and Jade Grover in cross country.

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