Utah Internet Speed Test Campaign

Calling for all Utahns to participate in a one-minute speed test to identify areas of low or no access to high-speed internet
The Utah Broadband Center, powered by the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, has launched a statewide internet speed test campaign for Utahns to report their internet speed at home, work, or wherever they connect.
In partnership with GeoPartners, a geospatial engineering firm, data from the Utah Internet Speed Test campaign will be mapped and used to identify areas of low or no access to high-speed internet. The Utah Broadband Center will use this data to guide resources to projects that increase access to high-speed internet for all Utahns and augment the state’s knowledge of internet availability across Utah.
All Utahns are encouraged to go to speedtest.utah.gov to self-report their internet speed. Individuals can also identify areas with low or no service, or where access to the internet is unaffordable within this test and survey.
Individuals without internet access can call the hotline at 1-435-777-TEST (8378) to report why they don't have internet access. The Utah Internet Speed Test, which is available in English and Spanish, is secure and the results are anonymous. Data collected will include the location, internet speed, and monthly internet cost. 
Broadband internet connection has become an integral part of our lives. Without it, there's a digital divide. Broadband is more than just having access to the internet; it’s having the bandwidth to reasonably work, learn, or access healthcare virtually from business or home. 
“Access to reliable and affordable internet connectivity has become increasingly important in our daily lives, and without it, individuals lack access to critical digital resources, such as distance learning, telework, and telemedicine,” said Ryan Starks, Go Utah’s managing director of Business Services, “The pandemic has heightened the awareness and need for robust internet service statewide, and we encourage all Utahns to take just one minute to participate in the Internet Speed Test.”
Utahns are asked to share this initiative by word of mouth or online, referencing the Utah Internet Speed Test Campaign or using the hashtag #UtahSpeedTestCampaign.The Utah Broadband Center would like to see friendly competitions between schools and communities. There's no limit to the number of times individuals can participate; multiple tests taken at different times help provide an accurate dataset. The state’s goal is to ensure everyone has the opportunity to access the internet and close the digital divide.

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