Midway Swiss Bell Ringers in Monticello

The melodic and charming Midway Swiss Bell Ringers will open Blue Mountain Entertainment’s 2017-2018 season on Monday, October 2 at 7 p.m. in the Monticello High School auditorium.
The group is based in the small town of Midway, UT, its members coming from many walks of life.
The current director, Cari Knapp, a math teacher, joins a bank manager, an attorney, several college students, retired teachers, a flight attendant and some stay-at-home moms, to name a few.  
There are 21 bell ringers, 19 of whom will be coming to Monticello.  For some of the ringers, this will be their first concert, while two of the current members, June Tatton and Sharleene Wilson, have played with the group since its inception 26 years ago; all have a love of music.
The group has played in Nauvoo, IL; Vancouver; and Wisconsin; as well as all over Utah, including with Kurt Bestor in his Christmas Concert in Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City, with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and in Salt Lake City’s “Eve” New Year’s Festival.
“We are happy to be able to add Monticello to the list!” states Director Knapp.
The 1,500 citizens of Midway donated $10,000 to purchase the five octave set of bells.
“The bells are made of fine brass and when rung, malloted, tolled or plucked, peal out their notes clear and true. The bells are never handled with the bare hand, for the slightest touch of perspiration or fingerprints can cause tarnish and discoloration of the fine brass, thus the bell ringers always wear gloves.  
“The Swiss Handbell Ringers in their bright Swiss costumes, along with the gleaming brass bells have quite an impressive stage presence; add the magic of the bells and it promises to be an evening you won’t want to miss.” 
Admission to all of this year’s programs are by Blue Mountain Entertainment season memberships available at the door (Family $60, Adult $24, Student $12) or to individual programs by tickets at the door (Family $30, Adult $12, Student $6). Kigalia Fine Arts season memberships will also be honored.

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