Kara Laws,  Portrait photographer

Kara Laws is the owner of Illuminated Moments Photography at 49 North Main Street in Blanding.
Her love for photography began at a young age, but she never really pictured it as a full-time career 
Laws received an education in mass media and graphic arts and later completed classes through Picture Perfect School of Photography. 
Laws originally began doing photography at a hospital in Phoenix, where she took infant portraits.
After working for a year and a half, Laws decided she didn’t like the way things were being done, so she quit the company and started doing her own thing. 
Photography began as her hobby, but before she knew it Laws had created her own business where she focused on wedding photography. 
Unforseen opportunities moved the Laws family back to Blanding where she has been for the past five years.
Laws has been a professional photographer for ten years, with four of those in Blanding. 
Laws takes family portraits and will occasionally do senior photos for returning families.
However, weddings are where she specializes and spends the most time. 
Through her business, Laws has created a VIP program that allows her customers to pay a monthly subscription to help them save up to receive family portraits each year.
Each family pays $20 every month, with the money going towards the printing costs at the end of the year. 
When a family decides they want photos, they are able to cash in their VIP points with all of their monthly subscriptions applied towards to cost of their prints.
Being part of the VIP program also comes with different opportunities and experiences to only those who are involved.
For first-time families, Laws charges $100 per session, with $50 applied towards ordering prints.
Returning families don’t pay a sitting fee; they pay only the cost for prints.  
When getting ready to book your photo session, Laws prefers that families contact her four to six weeks in advance for booking. 
Laws occasionally hosts a Youth Photo Camp for kids in eighth through twelfth grades.
At the camp, students learn about the process of photography and things they can do to improve their own skills. Spots are still available.
To view more of Laws’s work, visit her website, illuminatedmoments.com.
You can also reach her by email at info@illuminatedmoments.com or by phone at 480-532-8772.

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