July was wet in Blanding, dry in Monticello

Two isolated thunderstorms hit Blanding during July, creating a wetter than normal month. In contrast, Monticello had less than twelve percent of the average precipitation for the month.

The storms hit on July 22 (.6 inch) and July 27 (.86 inch), leaving Blanding with a good and thorough watering as the monsoon season began. The total precipitation for the month totaled 1.64 inch.

Monticello, on the other hand, mostly dodged storms, despite measurable precipitation on nearly half of the days of the month. Total precipitation for the month was .2 inch.

San Juan County has experienced consistently warm, but not too hot, weather in the summer of 2008. Monticello went more than 40 days in a row with a high temperature between 79 and 90. The temperature in Monticello exceeded 90 degrees for the first time in the past week. Blanding has had a high temperature for the summer of 96 degrees and the temperature has yet to exceed 100 degrees in Bluff.

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